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Sony Xperia Z Tablet To Launch Alongside Smartphone? 10-inch HD Screen, Quad-Core CPU?

2012 was a bad year for Sony for a number of reasons; the tech giant posted a full-year loss of 56.7bn yen ($5.7bn; £3.5bn) in May and has continued to lose money over subsequent quarters, but 2013 – thankfully –  looks like Sony has got it’s mojo back as last week they announced a brand-new flagship […]

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Nvidia Kicks-Off CES 2013 With Tegra 4 Chipset And Project Shield Handheld

A couple of year’s ago the opening keynote speaker at CES would normally be a pseudo tech celebrity at the helm of a well-known corporation like Microsoft or Hewlett Packard, however, this year’s CES opening keynote came from Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, a man your average tech enthusiast probably would recognise or have heard of. It’s […]

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Sony & Huawei Android Handsets Leak Online Ahead of Next Week’s CES 2013

Both Sony and Chinese handset maker Huawei have had their new handsets leak online ahead of their expected CES unveil next week. Press shots of Sony’s new Xperia z and Sony Xperia ZL were uncovered on Sony’s own website and detail what consumers could expect when the handsets get a full reveal at next week’s […]

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Apple iPhone 5 vs Google Nexus 4 – Which One Is Best?

This year has seen the gap between Google’s Nexus handsets and Apple’s iPhone shrink, with each new iteration of the handsets. Google’s Android OS is now offering consumers a real choice between the two operating systems and choice, ultimately, drives innovation, lowers prices and gives consumer an all-important choice. The biggest decision for many smartphone […]

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Apple & HTC Announce Patent Licensing Deal – What It Means For Android And Samsung

HTC and Apple have made a surprised joint statement this morning revealing that both companies had come to a wide-ranging patent licensing deal. HTC CEO Peter Chou said: “HTC is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple, so HTC can focus on innovation instead of litigation.” The deal, which many had experts thought wouldn’t […]

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Windows 8 App Marketplace: How Is Microsoft Going To Make It A Success?

Microsoft’s greatest challenge with this month’s release of Windows 8 is making its new app marketplace a success. In order to get as many apps on board, software developers will need to re-write their applications to take advantage of the new touchy, feely operating system – something that takes time and money. But many developers […]

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Motorola RAZR i: What Does Mean For The Future Of Motorola?

Motorola’s newly launched RAZR i is the first flagship handset to be released by the company since it was bought out by search engine giant Google. As well as being a genuinely good smartphone the handset is sporting a processor from Intel, and that makes it a flagship phone for Intel, too. But what does the future hold for the company? Will it remain an independent handset maker at arms length of Google? Or will it eventually be turned into Google’s own handset maker? We try and find out.

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Budget Tablet Market Becomes Three-Horse Race: Barnes & Noble Unveils Nook HD & HD+

The budget tablet market just became a three-horse race as Barnes & Noble has just unveiled two brand-new tablets, the 7-inch Nook HD and 9-inch Nook HD+.

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