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Tick Tock Dock White

Edifier Tick Tock Dock Review: Wake Up Happy

If you start your day wrong, it’s all downhill from there. But life’s too short to have bad days! Despite its importance the humble alarm clock is a neglected household item. Most of us will either use our mobile phones and one of their horrendous, soul scrunching ringtones or we will use one of them […]

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The iPhone Clock Breaks, Again.

It may not be the snazziest of features on the iPhone but it could be one of the most important; I’m talking about the humble alarm clock of course. Many of us have chucked out our old alarm clocks in favour of our smartphones. But relying on your iPhone to wake you up may not […]

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Christmas Gift Guide 2009: Top gifts for your Mum

Christmas shopping should be just starting to encroach onto your ‘to do’ list. Over the next few weeks I’ll continue to be showing you what you should be buying for various different loved ones. This week- what to buy your Mum…

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HappyWakeUp™:The ArousalClock!

Ok, this is a bit of a strange one which I came across the other day and just didn’t know what to think. Recognising that many people use the alarm clock function of their mobile phones to wake up in the morning, Smart Valley Software have created a downloadable application to help try and make […]

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Sonic Bomb Bed-Shaking Alarm Clock: You’ll never oversleep again!

Personally, I wouldn’t pay anyone to deafen me and shake me out of bed in the morning. I’d give them something… but certainly not money. Nevertheless, for those who are a sucker for that extra five minutes, which inevitably turn into an hour, this is the perfect solution. The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock’s buzz is […]

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