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Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HD Tablets Heading To The UK

Amazon surprised, and confused, the tech world last night with 3 brand-new Kindle’s; ranging from an all-new Paperwhite E-reader to the new Kindle Fire HD.

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Apple iPad 2 Adverts Shot For A January Launch?

The iPad 2 has been hinted to be scheduled for a January unveiling, and it’s looking more and more likely, after word has already got out that Apple have shot the promotional adverts for their follow-up to their market leading tablet device. Word is from 9 to 5 Mac that the adverts were shot late […]

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7 inch iPad: Not a chance says Steve Jobs

It seems Steve’s getting his turtle-neck sweater in a twist. The Apple CEO has ruled out the possibility of a 7-inch iPad, rubbishing the format saying that “people need to use sandpaper to sand down their fingers to use the screen”. He’s either bluffing us all or he really hates 7-inch pads and if he […]

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7 inch iPad 2? The Rumours Come Back?

A 7 inch iPad coming soon? It’s not the first time this questions been asked. Rumours about a smaller iPad bridging the gap between the iPhone and the full size iPad have been floating around for a while now. What’s heating up these rumours is the upcoming release of the iPad 2 which is expected […]

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