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Sony To Unveil Playstation 4 On February 20

It’s well and truly on. The next-generation console race has officially started as Sony has just tweeted confirmation that they show-off “the future”, and the follow-up to the PS3, at a Playstation event on February 20.

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Playstation 4: What We Know So Far

Many expect this year to be the final swan song for the current generation of consoles with Nintendo already announcing their next-gen console, but what about Sony and Microsoft? Many insiders expect them to start making moves toward the next generation in 2012 – we run down what we know so far about the PS4.

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iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Prototype Spotted ?

A couple of pictures have appeared on Apple blog 9to5Mac which apparently show-off a prototype of the new iPhone 5. But the prototype appears to be in an iPhone 4 case.

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Nokia To Cut 4,000 Jobs Worldwide

When Nokia agreed to get into bed with Microsoft many raised an eye-brow; was this the last throw of the dice for the Finnish phone company? Well today the company announced that the will engage in a major restructuring which will see them cut 4,000 jobs worldwide. The firm said the 4,000 jobs would be […]

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Rumour: Apple’s iPhone 5 To Come With 64 GB Of Flash Storage?

Two pets hates when it comes to technology. One. There is nothing worst than when you run out of space on your favourite device. How is anyone meant to choose between the latest Angry Birds update and Malcolm Tuckers lost phone application – this just isn’t fair. But this could well be a thing of […]

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iPhone 4 Failed To increase Apple’s Smartphone Market Share In The U.S

According to the latest statistics, despite the hype, the launch of the iPhone 4 did not result in Apple increasing its smartphone market share in the US. The stats by industry watcher Nielsen show that Apple’s US market share held steady throughout 2010, floating between 27 and 29 per cent whilst Apple’s competitors Research in […]

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Do iPhone 4 and 3GS price slashes mean that the iPhone 5 is on the way?

The iPhone 5 speculation is here again. This time the rumour stems from the fluctuation of the price of Steve’s hardware. As a general rule (and you know what they are like with rules) Apple doesn’t discount current model products. However they did break their own rule over Thanksgiving by offering the iPad with a […]

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ITV Sign Deal With Sky for ITV HD 2,3,4

BskyB has announced a major coup for their Sky TV network by announcing that they have signed an exclusive deal with ITV to exclusively broadcast ITV 2, 3 & 4 in HD over their satellite network. ITV 1 one is already available through Freeview HD, Freesat HD. But the company has decided to license the […]

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