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4K To Now Be Known As ‘Ultra High Definition’ & Why It’s Good News For 3D

Just as we’re getting used to the term 4K, there the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has decided to rebrand all new 4K Home Cinema displays as “Ultra High Definition” or “Ultra HD”. The CEA’s board of industry experts voted unanimously to change the name and all subsequent branding to “Ultra High-Definition”, buy which will now be on […]

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10 Things We Want To See In The New iPad 3

Rumours of a new iPad 3 are never far away and over the last couple of months these rumours have begun to gather pace. Now, rather than speculate what slight changes we might see in a new iPad – we thought we write a list of 10 things we’ve been dreaming off since the first […]

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Are 3D Smartphones Affecting your Health?

Mobile phones may cause tumor or so is claimed by some research reports and now there is a new study which says that 3D smartphones are harmful for your eyesight. This is not the first time 3D has received flak. When Nintendo launched its 3D gaming console Nintendo 3DS, and many of its users complained […]

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Apple Patents 3D Gestures For Touchscreens

Apple is making quite a habit of patenting every conceivable brain wave they have at their Cupertino Headquarters. They love to patent inventions that they will probably never implement. But it does make shrewd business sense, because if they don’t use them they can license them off to companies, which could use them – and in the process make a quick bit of profit for Appl

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World’s First Glasses-less 3D Laptop- Are We Ready?

There’s still no significant evidence that consumers are ready for 3D or even want it. Maybe it will always remain a novelty. Perhaps some people would prefer to enjoy a boxing match without having virtual fists thrust at their face or a game of golf where the ball remains firmly inside the television set. Whether […]

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Vodafone Allow Customers To Register Interest In HTC EVO 3D

After HTC announced the imminent arrival of the HTC Evo 3D here in Europe we took a little glance at the swanky, medstore futuristic handset and considered the role of 3D in the portable electronics market. But what everybody really wants to know is how much? What shops? What data plans?  And when? Well, anabolics […]

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HTC’s Latest Masterpiece: the Evo 3D, or Is It?

Is there just no stopping HTC? Every new tech that emerges, anabolics they jump on top of it. It may well be a gimmick but 3D (at least on portable devices) is all the rage. Having a massive TV and a basket of expensive clunky glasses may not be the cheapest and most convenient way […]

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Win Tickets To Wimbledon With Sony

Today Informa Telecoms and Media said that 3D is still a novelty and is a few years away from becoming main-stream. We agree, there just isn’t enough 3D content around to tempt cash-strapped consumers. But where 3D has a chance to shine isn’t so much film or documentary, but sport. Everybody knows the UK loves […]

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