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Review: The New iPad

Apple has made the new iPad dramatically better than its previous iteration by changing two things: the screen and the speed in which content is delivered – but is it enough to shell out £400 on Friday? What’s new The first thing you’ll be taken aback by is obviously the new Retina Display – when […]

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10 Things We Want To See In The New iPad 3

Rumours of a new iPad 3 are never far away and over the last couple of months these rumours have begun to gather pace. Now, rather than speculate what slight changes we might see in a new iPad – we thought we write a list of 10 things we’ve been dreaming off since the first […]

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Rayman: Origins Playstation 3 Review

Rayman: Origins is a nostalgic trip down memory to many gamer’s cherished 16-bit youth; a time where Super Mario and Sonic were king. Origins is special, rare and precious – full of vibrant worlds, which looks to recapture the innocence of gaming.  Rayman Origins sits at a polar opposite to the war torn landscapes and […]

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Three Network Huawei E367 Review

Mobile broadband dongles are something every Internet savvy users should own. If you’re caught-out in a place where there is no Internet connection. They are often a god sent – but is there much difference from one dongle to another ? While Huawei E367 doesn’t appear to be much different to any other dongle – […]

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Apple Considering Using AMOLED Screens For iPad 3

Apple are considering using Samsung’s AMOLED screen for their new iPad 3 as their interim CEO Tim Cook has been sniffing around Samsung’s R&D department, according to reports from Korea

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3’s Smartphone Plans Leaked Online: Galaxy S Mini II and Nokia X7 on their way.

For the millionth time, ailment the iPhone 5 is coming! It’s going to be hyped up all year until it is released and then we won’t hear the end of it until the iPhone 6 rumours emerge. Hopefully though this time the infinite chatter will be about how good Apple’s new smartphone is not how […]

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iPad 2: 02 Will Not Stock It But Orange And T-Mobile Will

Despite O2 being one of the key Apple retailers in the UK they are seemingly unimpressed by the iPad 2. In a surprise announcement the network provider said that it will not be stocking the iPad 2 when it launches in the UK on 25 March. There is no explanation as to why they have […]

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3 To Give HTC Desire Gingerbread

Mobile network 3 are set to update the HTC Desire to Android 2.3 AKA Gingerbread. But when? Nobody knows. When asked if they will be releasing Android 2.3 for the original HTC Desire, Three UK replied, “Yes we will but we don’t have timescales yet.” All the latest HTC releases which were shown off at […]

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