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CES 2013: The Weird And Wonderful Technology We Saw At CES 2013

CES, the world’s biggest tech show, is packed to the rafters with amazing pieces of new technology, but it’s also the dumping ground for a lot of oddball creations from more fringe technology outfits. Here’s a run through of some of the more unusual pieces of tech that caught our eye at this year’s show. […]

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CES 2013: TVs, TVs and more, you guessed it, TVs

CES 2013: TVs, TVs and more, you guessed it, TVs

OLED TVs have been promised for years and each time CES comes around the world’s top TV manufacturers say “they’re coming, no really they’re coming” well apparently this year is different: they’re finally available to buy – if you have very deep pockets, of course. Apparently LG has begun taking orders for its 55-inch 1080p display […]

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Nvidia Kicks-Off CES 2013 With Tegra 4 Chipset And Project Shield Handheld

A couple of year’s ago the opening keynote speaker at CES would normally be a pseudo tech celebrity at the helm of a well-known corporation like Microsoft or Hewlett Packard, however, this year’s CES opening keynote came from Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, a man your average tech enthusiast probably would recognise or have heard of. It’s […]

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Office 2013: An In-Depth Look At Microsoft’s New Office Suite

Microsoft is on a bit of a roll at the moment, everyone sat up and took notice of their innovative Surface tablet, Windows 8 is getting positive reviews for its forward-thinking user interface and now it’s time for Microsoft to unveil its latest version of Office.

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Xbox 720 Given Code Name Xbox Next? Christmas 2013 Release?

More rumours are surfacing about the follow-up to Microsoft’s Xbox 360, with industry publication Develop predicting that the new console will be unveiled next year and will gone on sale Christmas 2013, and they’ve even gone as far as suggesting its code name is Xbox Next. Microsoft Xbox 360 is 5-years-old, and turns 6 in […]

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