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Apple’s App Store Reaches 500,000 Mark According To Analyst’s

After yesterday’s news that Microsoft had reached 18,000 apps on Windows Mobile 7 – app specialists Chop, 148apps and Chillingo claim Apple has now reached 500,000 approved apps on iTunes. According to the app specialists Apple’s app store offers content for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and 37% of the 500,000 app are available […]

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Microsoft Reach 18,000 Apps On Window Mobile 7

Microsoft hit a milestone today on the way to what they are hoping is mobile world domination; their Windows 7 Mobile Operating system has now reached over 18,000 applications.

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Nokia To Cut 4,000 Jobs Worldwide

When Nokia agreed to get into bed with Microsoft many raised an eye-brow; was this the last throw of the dice for the Finnish phone company? Well today the company announced that the will engage in a major restructuring which will see them cut 4,000 jobs worldwide. The firm said the 4,000 jobs would be […]

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Apple TV’s New Model Sells 250,000 Units in First Quarter

After last night’s quarterly earnings call from Apple, sale Steve Jobs has shown that it’s not all about his companies earnings but also about having a go at his competition, therapy and boosting his ego. Well in an attempt to boos that ego, cure Jobs has revealed the success of Apple’s slimmed-down version of the […]

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Microsoft Planning to Give all 90,000 Employees Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Guru Mary Jo tweeted yesterday that the company is planning to give every one of the 90,000 + employees around the world a free Microsoft Windows Phone 7. This all comes after the mixed reception to the preview of the Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 this week – Microsoft have already starting the PR work […]

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