Our love of gadgets and technology is why we set up Gaj-it.com, to give people like us to stay up to date with the latest news, reviews and how-tos. And if you must have the latest gadgets and like to save money then we’ve got the best shopping deals here as well!

We’re primarily a UK consumer electronics and technology blog but we welcome everybody from all around the world. Whether you’re a gadget virgin, just playing the field or just a plain old super geek there is just about everything for anyone.

We don’t need to go into too much detail about what areas we cover because you can see that for yourself on the site so let’s not waste anymore time…

Meet The Gaj-it Gang!

Gaj (Editor and Staff Writer)

An absolute tech junky, I graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Computing and now live on the outskirts of Leeds working with you guessed it, Computers. I love all things gadgety but really dislike wires. For those of you who haven’t worked it out the name of the site is a combination of my nickname (Gaj) and the pronunciation ‘Gadget’.

Ruth (Staff Writer)

ruthjepsonRuth is a final year drama student, but rarely acts anymore, preferring to hang about back stage hammering bits of wood together. Accordingly she wears a lot of black, although is often to be found wearing bright pink should the mood take her. Shes generally perplexed by everything, so is going to loiter in the coolest gadget section where she can enthuse about weird new gadgets and full evolve into her true geeky self. She has a funny feeling that all her earnings will be spent on Xbox 360 games…

Anra (Staff Writer)

Anra is currently working as an equity analyst after finishing my MBA and MS from University of Rochester, New York. Writing for Gaj-it is her only escape from the drudgery of spreadsheets and number crunching. Moreover, writing about tech is her way of living life vicariously since Big Apple does not leave any real money in her pocket.

James (Staff Writer)

jamebiggs1James is currently studying for a Sports Psychology Degree at University and loves everything gadget (gaj-it)! He plays a lot of sport but in his spare time often resorts to his PS3 and PC as well as his love for playing the guitar! As a gaj-it blogger he’ll be checking out the latest news and reviews in the mobile world!

Bengaul (Staff Writer)

bengaulSince Bengaul and his brother got their first spectrum, he has been a computer junky. He soon moved on to a i386, and has been a PC fan ever since. He concentrates on PC hardware, and operating systems, and is an avid gamer as well. Ben currently works in IT, and can be found most nights swearing at a computer. As well as his love for all things PC, he is an avid movie goer. Ben is also a big Blockheads fan and gets to as many gigs as possible. Although not a prolific tweeter, you might get the odd tweet if you sign up and follow me here

Ben (Guest Writer)

benwoodsAfter graduating university with a degree in Psychology Ben immediately put it to good use by spending the next several years making his living as an online poker player. With a passion for gaming and technology; Ben keeps his ear to the ground for breaking news in the PS3, Software, Mobile Phone, and Camera sections here at Gaj-it. Loves: photography, writing and most things involving an engine and wheels. Hates: Games requiring no skill or logic (I’m looking at you Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii), proprietary peripherals and ill-conceived DRM issues.

GadgetGirl (Editor and Staff Writer)

GadgetGirl is currently Gaj-it’s Senior Editor and Marketing Manager. Although most of the hard work is done by the wonderful team of Gaj-it bloggers, her job is to ensure that the blog and the content is in tip top condition before it hits the landing pages of the Gaj-it site. With a degree in Marketing GadgetGirl lives and breathes anything Marketing or especially Digital Marketing related. Apart for her love for gadgets and the blog; just like any girl she loves to shop and is saving up to buy herself some Chanel sunglasses! (…donations accepted!)

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