Microsoft blocks MSN access for selected countries

Reports are surfacing online confirming that Microsoft has removed access to its Windows Live MSN services for residents in several embargoed countries, the full list of those effected includes Syria, Cuba, Iran and North Korea.msn_logo

If, say, you’ve woken up in Cuba this morning and gone to log into your MSN account you would have seen this little error message pop-up, “Error 810003c1”, which, buried in Microsoft’s terms means “Microsoft has shut off the Windows Live Messenger IM for users in the countries embargoed by the US hence Microsoft no longer offers Windows Live Service in your country”.

The reasoning or logic behind which countries get denied access and which get allowed is undisclosed but could be considered more than a little confusing as other countries with sanctions against them remain unhindered in accessing the services.

The reason behind the timing of the decision is also unclear, but one thing is for sure, a simple IP-based blocking system won’t keep MSN users in those countries off of the service for very long.

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3 Responses to “Microsoft blocks MSN access for selected countries”

  1. TazzaHall says:

    Quite worrying seeing as these countries already have certain limits placed on their broadcasting networks. If a chat platform is banned as well, that’s even less chance for people to get in touch with the outside world.

  2. Nacho says:

    I read about it in Ars Technica site and also here in Neowin which quoted an official posting in the Windows Mail blog that has been removed then


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