Self Propelled Suitcase- tomorrows summer holiday luggage today!

self propelled suitcaseIf you tend to travel alot, then you’ll be used to the internal debate between packing too much to carry or wheel around, and the flip side of not having enough pairs of pants to get you through the fortnight. I fall into the overpacking trap nearly every time I go on holiday, and then when I get to the other end, jetlagged and way too pale for dealing with the sun, I invarably end up lagging behind trying to drag my case along without dislocating my arms. Its even worse on the way home with any new toys.

So you’ll understand how much I really wish I had $1300 to buy one of Hammaher Schlemmer’s self propelled suitcases. If you’ve packed over 15lb (it holds up to 70.5lb) and you tilt it between 15 and 35 degrees (very precise, I know) and the inbuilt sensors detect that you’re sturggling by measuring the force you’re using, then the inbuilt motor kicks in and takes 85% of the strain. Even better, it notices when you’re stopping or going down an incline, and thus avoids ramming you in the back of the knees, as the unpowered ones have a habit of doing. It moves at 3mph too, which is unexpectedly nippy, if a little slower than the average human’s walk.

It does only have power for about 2 hours, after a 5 hour charge, which if you consider¬†time wandering round while you wait to check in, then the time you spend walking through a million checkpoints at the other end doesn’t seem much. Especially if you’re walking everywhere and not just from parked car to hire car. But lets face it, anyone who can afford $1300 for a suitcase isn’t going to be walking to the bus station are they?

If you have a bit of money burning a hole in your back pocket and a glorious holiday planned this year, then head over to Hammaher Schlemmer and splash that cash.

Hammaher Schlemmer via Gadget Review

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