Motorola: Are They Back?

motorola-logo-big31Motorola’s mobile phones division has been….how can I say it….awkward for a while now, you know what I mean. They hardly release any new phones, and those that they do decide to release appear to be either outnumbered by other companies releasing more than one handset, or they are kicked into the dust by the new technology which other phones have and Motorola’s don’t.

I for one feel sorry for the Motorola, because I just can’t see them ever being a major competitor to the likes of Apple, Nokia and Samsung and to be honest, never have. It just seems to me that they are going to struggle, especially in the current financial climate.

Eldar Murtazin of, a very well respected man in the mobile-reviews world, found that their booth at the MWC was pretty much the same as last year, with practically the same phones there that they showed at the CES show months ago, and this is not what a company in this position should be doing.

There is hope for Motorola though and Eldar managed to get his hands on some future drawings and sketches at the MWC and he appears to have found them appealing. There is no denying it, and lets not take this away from Motorola, their designs have always been first class as their phones have always appeared great….think back to the RAZR.

There has also been a lot of rumours going around the web about the Motorola Ruby VE1 and the Motorola ZN300, and these could be the phones to take Motorola forward as they just need something with a little boom about it. These phones however have not been officially announced yet, and the VE1 (aka RAZR3) has already been apparently cancelled so this is bad news. For pictures on both of these phones go to unwiredview.

Come on Motorola!

For more pictures of the phones Motorola showed at the MWC click here.

[image source: Androidcentral]

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