Sea Scooter VS Supercharged: Swimming with the fishes just got safer.

If you love the idea of scuba diving to explore the depths of a new world but were never any good at physical education, prostate then we’ve got the perfect gadget for you. The Sea Scooter VS Supercharged is a dive propulsion vehicle meaning that you just need to hang on and let it literally take the leg work out of swimming.

For those of you who aren’t too keen on dropping down to 25m below sea level, cialis the Sea Scooter VS Supercharged can also be used for either gentle swimming or snorkeling in not only the sea, anabolics but your backyard pool as well. Now you can really impress the neighbours with your Olympic record breaking times down the length of your pool!

This gadget is mainly aimed at divers however, and has been rated number 1 overall by Diving Science and Technology (DSAT), making this particular dive propulsion vehicle a shark amongst plankton. There are two levels of thrust control which can give you a top speed of 3mph, which would be very handy to get you away from an encounter with a large marine creature with teeth. It will also take you down to 100ft all while saving you air meaning you can stay down longer and explore and be amazed to your heart’s content.

Including the battery, it weighs just 18lbs/ 8.4kg, making it easy to cart around even without the buoyancy of water. The battery itself will power you on for 1.5 hours of coral watching and octopus hi-fiveing.

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  1. Bladefish Sea Scooter says:


    These look awesome, do you know what the battery life is?


    Paul Bladefish


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