New Year’s Resolutions: Top 10 Gadgets for Keeping Fit & Losing Weight

Happy New Year Gaj-Iteers!

Wow I can’t believe 2009 is here. It’s scary how quickly the past year has gone. Anyhow, it’s the New Year, which also means New Year’s Resolutions. Now this usually means one thing to girls (never heard a guy say it yet) – diet!!

So here I bring you Gaj-Its top 10 gadgets for keeping fit and losing weight this New Year!

Nintendo DS My Health Coach: Manage Your Weight

My Health Coach for Nintendo DS was developed in collaboration with a nutritionist and a fitness coach. It is designed to help you take control of your weight and lifestyle, tailoring itself to your personal circumstances and daily life constraints. Create your own personal profile and start to evaluate and improve your lifestyle. Set yourself objectives based on your profile recommendations, monitor your progress and reap the rewards. The game features 10 coaching sessions, 300/500 fun challenges, 4 trivia games with learning and awareness objectives and more than 160 tips and hints. My Health Coach comes with a free pedometer that can be easily updated via your DS console.

Nintendo Wii Fit

Yet another fun way of keeping fit by Nintendo. The Wii Fit combines fun and fitness in one product. Who needs the gym these days?! With Wii Fit, you can practice aerobics, yoga, balance games and strength training all in the comfort of your own home. As with the DS Heath Coach, you can create your own personal profile, taking the body test, performing a set of simple activities, discovering your BMI and determining your Wii Fit Age!

Diet Decision Maker

So this is a bit mean, right? Designed as a cute and yummy cherry bakewell, this delicious looking gadget is designed to help you out in your moments of weakness. It’s magnetic and perfect for sticking to your fridge where you keep all of your goodies! When you go to the fridge for a treat, press the cherry on the cake and be prepared to feel guilty for even thinking about giving in. The cake will randomly spurt out one of five phrases: ‘Naughty pickers wear big knickers’, ‘A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’, ‘When the diet gets tough, the tough get chocolate’, ‘A carrot cake does not count in your five a day!’ and ‘Those who indulge bulge’. Nice hey!

Shockolate Vault

Shocking diet jar! Refrain from giving into temptation and reaching for those choccies when you know you shouldn’t! The Shockolate Vault keeps your chocolate and sweets safe from prying hands. With the lid screwed closed, use buttons on the jar’s lid to set a timer countdown until the time you can succumb to your treats. To open the jar, squeeze the pads on the lid and twist. Just wait until the timer is up or you’ll be in for a nasty… erm… shock!

Power Factor – Weight Lifting Computer with Calorie Counter

For those of you guys or girls into weight lifting, then this nifty gadget may be right up your street. Power Factor instantly measures a user’s effort, providing feedback about their workout intensity. It measures the calories burned, weight lifted, personal power, bar speed, work time and rest time. The perfect gizmo for the gym or home, Power Factor easily attaches to any piece of strength equipment. The rechargeable battery has a 100 hour life, so unless you spend your life in the gym, you won’t need to recharge it constantly.

PowerBreathe Classic Fitness

So this doesn’t look like the most exciting gizmo. But when you’re trying to keep fit and be healthy, it’s all about the breathing and getting it right! The PowerBreathe Muscle Trainer features an adjustable, calibrated spring-loaded valve of medium, variable resistance. This can be increased in graduations as you move from one training level to the next whilst your breathing strength improves. The PowerBreathe is ideal if you are wishing to increase or improve fitness levels and/or already take part in regular exercise. After a few days’ regular use, you will notice your muscles feel stronger. In 3 weeks – less breathlessness. In 4 weeks – improvement of speed, strength and stamina.


JumpSnap is a ropeless jump rope (or skipping rope to us Brits). It has all the cardio benefits of a traditional skipping rope, just without the worry of tripping over and embarrassing yourself! You can burn 100 calories in just 5 minutes! The built-in computer keeps track of the calories you have burned, the amount of jumps and time all based on your height and weight. It was featured in People Magazine & US Weekly as Hollywood’s hot new workout and praised by Fitness magazine, Weight Watchers US & UK, and many more as the newest ‘must have’ piece of fitness equipment.

iPhone Apps

There’s a good variety of fitness apps for the iPhone (and iPod touch and the likes). A few include; Restaurant Nutrition, Calorie Tracker, Weightbot, iPump Body Total, Fitnio, GymGoalLite, RunKeeper, Fitview and iFitness. iFitness for example features simple pre-set routines for novice users with the option of customising routines for a more advanced work out. The Restaurant Nutrition app ideal for those who eat a lot of fast food and are curious about exactly what they’re consuming! So yes, believe it or not, the iPhone can help you keep fit too. (I should bloomin’ well hope so after all the trouble Apple has given me!).

Neon Power Ball

The Neon Power Ball not only looks cool, but is designed to be a sports training tool, strengthening your forearms, wrists, fingers and grip. Using an internal gyroscope, centrifugal force and inertia, you initially get the central ball to spin, then rotate your wrists to build up speed. This funky looking gizmo generates 40lbs of force, can achieve speeds of up to 15,000RPM, has a built in speedometer, six programme functions and an internal window that displays and records your achieved RPM. And the best bit (of course!) it glows neon blue when it’s spinning!

Beurer Glass Bathroom Scales

Now this feature on fitness and healthy lifestyle gadgets wouldn’t be complete without the most obvious diet gadget – scales! These gorgeous glass bathroom scales are stylish and slim-line. They feature ‘vibration on’ technology, meaning they will turn on when you step on, and turn off when you step back off. They are made from toughened safety glass and come in six contemporary designs to suit any bathroom.

Well hopefully you will have found some brill’ gadgets and ideas here to help you stick to this New Year’s resolution of a healthier lifestyle. I know I’ll be sticking that cute cherry bakewell on my fridge! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for more New Years Resolution features from the Gaj-It gang! Once again… Happy New Year! x

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  1. New gadgets are comming out daily. Its really interesting seeing how our world is now so involved with electronic devices – ie. Iphone, blackberries, Ipods, notebooks, etc. We have definetly become a connected community in more ways than one. Facebook, Twitter and everything other social media platform interconnects with us through these devices. I wonder what is going to happen in the next 10 years….. Makes you want to think.


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