MPH UK: Hands-On Boom Borda 2 Classic from Rokit Science

As I walk around and admired the motoring talent at the MPH (Prestige Motor Show) I couldn’t help but notice the Boom Borda Skateboard – a perfect choice for any adrenaline junkie like me. Now before you start to look puzzled on how this skateboard can be classified in the same league as any self respecting gadget then let me tell you that this is no ordinary skateboard. For one it comes with a 400w 3,600RPM motor with speeds of up-to 40 Kph / 30 Mph…woohoo indeed! This definitely seems like a lot of fun, so just like any sane gadget person out there I thought I would give it a try and take it for a whizz round the block.

After my little test drive I can say that it was a lot of fun and can definitely see myself having one. The only problem is that the novelty may wear off and I could get bored quite easily. But before you sign this skateboard as a right off you might want to take a look at the Boom Borda 2 Advanced which can be used for some off-road stunts – if you dare that is!

So, if you’re a stock broker who just took early retirement then at £299.99 for the Boom Borda 2 and at £336.99 for the Boom Borda Advanced it may make a nice investment especially if you’ve decided to ditch the flashy car. For me personally, if it cost less and had a lighter battery I would definitely buy one, check out the video.

It was definitely a good laugh and cheers for the fantastic demo Rokitscience, if you’re interested in buying it then visit rokitscience.

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4 Responses to “MPH UK: Hands-On Boom Borda 2 Classic from Rokit Science”

  1. Tony says:

    I bought a boom borda II from It’s the worst skateboard I have ever had. It was broken from the day I got it & wouldn’t do a mile from a charge so i sent it back & two weeks later it arrived with the same fault. I finally got the customer service people to admit they had a known problem with the batteries, so why the hell did they send it back if they new it wasn’t fixed. It’s been 7 weeks since I bought it & despite numerous phone calls & promises of new batteries it’s still in it’s box going nowhere. Their customer services are a joke & the moneyback guarantee they give on the website is worthless so I’m currently in the process of taking them to court to get my money back.

  2. Tony says:

    Update – Rokitscience has replaced my dodgy board(broken by UPS )with a Brand new one & oh my god its the best thing I have ever bought. Awesome peace of kit & dam it’s a chick magnet they all want a go. Highly recommend getting one

  3. Eastend says:

    looks cool!!!


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