Sponsored Video: Monkey Mischief in Samsung’s New Refrigerators

Monkeys are known for creating mischief, so what happens when you let monkeys loose to roam people’s refrigerators? It can only lead to one thing and that is an empty fridge right? Well, that’s only if your fridge is a Samsung? Why? Because just like humans, monkeys like to know when things are worth the effort so what is it about a Samsung fridge that makes the contents more appealing than another refrigerator brand?

Check out the video below as we get to see our clever monkey friends tell us more in their own mischievousness ways:

The magazine advertisement reading “Easy In – Easy Out” is enough to woo in the monkey thief. First, a quick call to friends to determine if the Refrigerator is nearby. The first one they find is not so well organized and it’s not easy to find thing inside, so they move to the next one. Once found it, time to do the job. Crack opens the freezer and easily steals delicious treats. Three slices of pizza, milk, eggs, strawberries and more.. and once he’s got all the food.. time to sneak off! And when the owner is back is too late.. easy in, easy out!

But let’s find out why the thief monkeys have chosen Samsung’s new Refrigerator having a look at its main features:

1. Maximum organization with no dead space
2. Delivering optimal freshness and unmatched convenience
3. Superior digital inverter technology improves energy efficiency

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