CES 2013: The Weird And Wonderful Technology We Saw At CES 2013


CES, the world’s biggest tech show, is packed to the rafters with amazing pieces of new technology, but it’s also the dumping ground for a lot of oddball creations from more fringe technology outfits. Here’s a run through of some of the more unusual pieces of tech that caught our eye at this year’s show.



Little known Russian company Yota caught our eye with their new smartphone the YotaPhone, what makes the Yota Phone standout from the rest is it has an extra touchscreen on the back using E-ink technology.

On the front of the phone is a impressive 1280×720 colour touchscreen measuring 4.3-inches, and then there’s another 4.3-inch E-ink display on the back. The rear screen hasn’t just been designed to read books – but is actually been designed to address several percieved problems according to the manufacturer: personalisation, notifications and battery life.

Like any other Android phone that front screen is used to control the handset, but a simple swipe from the top of the display to the bottom with two fingers, you can throw any image from the front screen to the back E-ink screen.

So imagine you’re running out of battery but you need to use you phone’s mapping service, well a simple swipe will make a copy of the map and ping it to the back screen to be stored even when you’ve run out of battery power.

The company is already talking with carriers to bring it to phone the U.S., with plans to launch the phone at the end of the year. Pricing is expected to be comparable to other high-end Android smartphones.


iPotty For iPad

Teaching your child to use the toilet can be one the most challenging experiences for any new parent, well don’t worry as a small US tech company, called CTA digital, might well have the tech for you: the iPotty.

No, we’re being deadly serious. This contraption looks to marry a tablet with a potty to try and make potty training a simple as 1, 2,3. The portable potty comes with a splash-guard that covers the device as well as the potty itself, just in case your youngster tries to test the devices water-resistantance.



HAPILABS, the maker of the Hapifork, describes it as “an electronic fork that monitors your eating habits. The HAPIfork gives you precise information about your eating schedule. The HAPIfork alerts you with the help of indicator lights when you are eating too fast”.



Panasonic RP-BTGS10 Bone Conduction Headphones.

Forget your Beats By Dre’s, bone conduction is the future of headphones, well, that’s according to Panasonic and their RP-BTGS10 Bone Conduction headphones. Apparently they designed to: “free up a user’s ears for other important sounds and are wireless to ensure they don’t interfere with active users’ activities.”

Instead of covering the ear, these headphones sit outside the the ear, meaning you can still hear what’s going on around you while still listening to your favourite music.

“Panasonic has always been a leader in sound-quality and innovation and with the new RP-BTGS10 Bone Conduction Headphones, we are taking our headphone offerings to the next level of technological and sound advancement,” said Tom Hanston of Panasonic.

“The RP-BTGS10 model will be an ideal companion for sport enthusiasts including cyclists, joggers, runners and more, allowing them the freedom and flexibility of a wireless headphone while also giving them the opportunity to listen to their favourite music while not blocking out other outside sounds.”

Price to be confirmed.



Aimed at consumers who do a lot of travelling or shift work, these special glasses bombard your eyes with a green 500 nanometer light over your eyes to help reset your body work.

The Re-Timer has just gone on sale in Australia for $282.67 and will launch in the US in January.


Sharp 8K TV

4K was the big winner at this year’s show, but to be honest we were more taken aback by Sharp’s 8K screen. Sure, it’s a prototype, but this set has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 (that’s around 33 million pixels) which is double 4K Ultra HD and 16 times the resolution of your Full HD TV.

And if the picture quality for this Super Hi-Vision TV isn’t enough to wow you then take note that Sharp, in partnership with NHK, plans to launch it with 22.2 surround sound.

No prices have been given, but don’t expect much change from £20,000.

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