Sony Xperia Z: Saving the Best Until Last!

January is always the busiest month for us gadgeteers. CES! Yes, I know we have been raving on about it for the past few days on Gaj-it but we just can’t help it! After a usual array of leaks and speculations last year, CES is where Sony have unveiled their flagship smartphone for 2013, the Xperia Z.

With Z being the last letter in the alphabet, Sony revealed that they have named their smartphone the Xperia Z because everything before has been a build up has been towards the unveiling of this. So with so much build up what does the Xperia Z have to offer?

Apart from it touting a Full HD 1080p Reality Display with Mobile Bravia Engine 2, the main focus of the design has to be the casing which emphasises on Sony’s “OmniBalance” approach which means it looks the same from all angles.

So take a look at the phone front and back, apart from the front facing camera and the Sony logo and it is all the same. Even the ports have been covered to create a sleek design.

Now you would think that with the smartphone, the design team may have thought long and hard but very little about the robustness. Well, they have even considered clumsy old me into the equation. Don’t want to go into too much detail about me dropping my late smartphone in a bath tub of water but it did, however if the Xperia Z had been invented back then, then my phone would be working fine as the Z Series is waterproof!

Want to find out more about this sleek new smartphone from Sony? Check out their latest ad campaign featuring the Z Series and prepared to be amazed from it super sleekness and robustness…

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