Sony & Huawei Android Handsets Leak Online Ahead of Next Week’s CES 2013


Both Sony and Chinese handset maker Huawei have had their new handsets leak online ahead of their expected CES unveil next week.

Press shots of Sony’s new Xperia z and Sony Xperia ZL were uncovered on Sony’s own website and detail what consumers could expect when the handsets get a full reveal at next week’s CES 2012.

We’ve heard about the Xperia Z for a few months now, when it as referred to its codename Yuga, and as expected the handset is running Android and looks strikingly similar to previous leaks.

The other handset that was leaked was the ZL, which is thought to be a variant of the Z, all be it slight smaller, with a more compact design and a oddly placed front facing camera in the bottom right corner.

Tech specs haven’t been officially revealed for either handset but it’s thought that they’ll both sport a 4-inch + display and will be part of Sony’s new flagship range of handsets for 2013.

It’s thought that both handsets will be sporting a 1.5Ghz quad-core processor, 1080p display, 2 GB of RAM and a rear 13-megapixel camera.

While those specs seems reasonable, we won’t know the real breakdown until both handsets have been properly unveiled which could happen at next week’s CES or February’s Mobile Word Congress.


Chinese smartphone maker Huawei are planning a smartphone assault for this year’s CES, and have seen three of their new handsets leak online ahead of their proposed unveil next week.

While the Huawei name doesn’t have the coolness of Apple or the bullet-proof brand of Samsung – they do offering budget Android handsets that are sure to be a big hit in 2013.

Their new W1, Ascend D2, and Ascend Mate are all premium handsets compared to their cheap and cheerful cousins from 2012.

The first handset to leak was the W1, which will be the first handset from the firm to run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone – the handset is expected to feature a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 4-inch display, and a hefty 2,000mAh battery.

Huawei Ascend W1 - LEAK
Huawei Ascend W1


In keeping with the funky, colourful tradition of most Windows Phones, the handset will come in a range of loud colours and it’s thought that the handset will be pitted against efforts from Nokia and HTC.

Huawei Ascend D2 - LEAK

The next handset is even more interesting from a specs point of view, the Ascend Mate is thought to have a giant 6-inch 720p display, pitting it squarely up against Samsung’s hybrid tablet-phone the Galaxy Note 2.

It’s thought that handset will have a snappy 1.8Ghz dual-core processor, a healthy 2GB of RAM and a heavyweight 3,8000mAh battery, – all housed in a 9.9mm chassis.

And finally, Huawei will release a handset that falls somewhere between the two: the Ascend D2 is expected to be a 5-inch handset, with a full HD display – it’s reminiscent of the old Samsung s2 and is thought to rival Sony’s Xperia z.

We’ll have more details on all the handsets as we get closer to next week’s CES 2013.

Huawei Ascend Mate - LEAK



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