CES 2013: Our Top Predictions

The Consumer Electronics Show 2013 starts on the second week of January, and for one week the world’s top tech manufacturers will descend to Las Vegas to show off their latest wares. So, we’ve been scouring the web to try and predict what’s going to be hot at this year’s show.

1080p HD smartphones

The smartphone race isn’t going to end anytime soon, especially as a host of handset makers are thought to be ready to unveil handsets with 1080p screens. The first one we know of is a new handset from HTC, but expect announcements from all the major handset makers over the course of 2013 – with some manufacturers expected to make the first announcements at CES 2013.

Asus 7-inch Android tablet

One of this year’s must-have gadgets is, of course, the Google’s Nexus 7; it’s a budget Android tablet that has gotten Apple so worried they have made their own not-so-cheap tablet. Well, the Nexus 7 is made alongside Asus and there’s a strong possibility of the Asus will release a new version under their own name – so expect the same tablet again but with expandable memory and a few aesthetic tweaks.

Samsung Galaxy tablet

Samsung has been teasing a new tablet that is expected  to be unveiled at CES and it’s not hard to work out what it might be. The new Nexus 10 is actually made by Samsung, so expect to see a new version under their own brand. It’s a solid tablet with an unbelievable screen clocking in at 2560×1600 resolution on a 10-inch display. Hopefully Sammy will add a few extra features and might even upgrade the processor, too.

1080p Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has just announced a new handset the Galaxy Grand, a mid-range handset sporting a 5-inch display. But what everyone really wants to know about is the next Galaxy S4 – could it have a 1080p screen? A 13-megapixel camera? Well that the rumours are suggesting exactly that, but its unlikely Samsung will use CES to showcase the handset, but never say never.

New HTC smartphones

HTC is expected to show-off some new handsets, with one handset expected to rival Samsung’s S4, so expect a 4.7-inch 1080p screen, 13-megapixel camera and a hefty price tag.

Ultra HD TV

Ultra HD TVs are expected to make a big splash on CES 2013, as the first sets from Sony an LG are already hitting some consumers living rooms this month. At the moment the Ultra HD TV come in at 86-inches and have a resolution of 4 times that of 1080p, but there are a few catches: price, and content. The sets current cost anywhere from £15,000 to £25,000 and at the moment there isn’t really any content in that resolution – expect announcements about that and new cheaper models at CES 2013.

A cheap Windows Phone 8 mobile from Huawei

One notable absence from Windows Phone 8 roster is Huawei, well CES could see the mobile maker make its way to Windows Phone – while that might not sound too exciting Huawie have a knack of making incredibly cheap phones that can run rings around a lot of their premium competitors – if it’s prices and specced well it could be an important handset for Microsoft and Huawei.

Intel Haswell

Haswell isn’t a famous particle physicists, but instead the new name for Intel next generation of processor, which will take over from this year’s Ivy Bridge. Haswell apparently will see a 10% increase in speeds and will see improvements on power consumption, ideal for laptops. A leaked roadmap suggest the first devices won’t see the light of day until the middle of next year, but don’t be surprised if Haswell becomes a new buzzword at CES 2013.

Tegra 4

While were talking processors, Nvidia is expect to showcase their last Tegra chipset. Tegra 3 has powered most of this year’s top Android tablets and smartphones. Well, it’s successor is in the works and has been rumoured for a while under the code name Wayne (based on Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne) and is expected to come in both quad-core and eight-core variations. Expect an announcement at CES 2013.

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