BT Flatmates Sitcom Continues with Simon, Joe and Anna Promoting BT Fibre Optic Broadband…

Remember the Adam and Jane ads which BT introduced from back in 2005? Surprisingly those popular sitcom like ads which followed the couple through their trial and tribulations promoting BT products ran for almost 6 years. To continue on from these drama like adverts, BT is back again but instead follows Jane’s son, Joe, from the BT Family ads as he moves into a flat with new characters Simon and Anna, played by BAFTA winner Daniel Rigby, and TV and film actress Rebecca Night.

I am pretty sure quite a few of us have shared a flat before. Flat and house sharing brings back fond memories for me whilst I was at university almost 10 years ago. Apart from the good times, there were times when my flatmates got on my nerves. In particular I had a flatmate who would also seem to blast her music as such unsociable hours or would leave her dirty dishes going mouldy in the kitchen for days!

So as you can imagine flat sharing certainly bring its own set of drama and this will certainly be the case with the new BT Flatmates adverts. Apart from the obvious love triangle between Joe, Simon and Anna, which we saw in their ‘Rock On’ advert a few months back, this time BT is promoting BT Fibre Optic Broadband. Whether you love music like Joe or movies like Anna or even games like Simon, BT shows you how BT Fibre Optic Broadband is super fast with less waiting around.

Check out the videos by BT as it showcases Anna, Simon and Joe using BT Fibre Optic Broadband to assist them in indulging in their favourite past times…

These adverts are certainly interesting to watch and the sitcom like idea has worked in the past with the BT adverts about Adam and Jane. So just like Adam and Jane as 1.6 million people started voting for Jane to fall pregnant in August 2010, can we expect the same for the flatmates? Will we see love flourish between Anna and Joe or Simon and Anna or even Joe and Simon?! Just like Adam and Jane, will BT be using social media again to get the public involved to direct the fate of the flatmates. We would certainly hope so, so let’s watch this space!

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