Gaj-it Guide: Top Tips And Tricks On iOS 6

Apple’s new iOS 6 software update is now installed on 100 million devices since going live last week, and it adds some 200 new features to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

As with any iOS update you’ll probably be finding new tips, tricks and features for the next 6 months. So to give you a helping hand we’ve compiled a list of some of the cool tricks we’ve found so far. Please feel free to add your own in the comments below.

Mail: Pull to refresh

It might seem obvious, but you may have missed it if you’re used to pressing the little refresh button in the corner. When you’re on the Mail app, simply hold your finger at the top of the screen and pull down and it will retieve your latest emails.

Mail: VIP senders

Elsewhere on Mail you can now create a special mailbox for ‘VIP senders’.  All you have to do is view a contact or a sender from within your mail box and you’ll see the option ‘Add to VIP’. Once you’ve done this any email from that sender will always appear in your VIP mailbox. As far as we can tell there’s no limit to how many VIPs you can have.

Notification Centre: Calendar Improvements

Not a trick or new feature as such – but you’ll be glad to know that you will now see the end time of a calendar event on Notifications. On iOS 5 you would only see the start time, forcing you to open the Calendar app to see the end time. Now, however, you’ll see the date and day of week, and the entire title of an event, rather than it being cut short.

Apple has also added the ability to tweet or update your Facebook status from within the Notification centre too. You’ll need to log in to both services via the Settings menu first though.

Sharing: Multiple Photos

Sharing multiple photos on iOS 5 was a tedious aftair. Well now you can select multiple photos and attach them to emails. Simply go into the Photo app, tap edit and then select multiple photos, then tap the share button and choose Mail to attach all the selected photos to an email.

Maps: 3D maps

Apple’s maps has now replaced Google Maps and while it’s still early in its development there’s some impressive 3D imagery to marvel at. To enable 3D, select satellite mode and then hit the 3D button. Then automagically you’ll be greeted by scene reminiscent of Sim City.

Also when you’re in Maps, if you keep pinching to zoom out eventually you’ll end up with the entire view of the world.

Siri: Sports Scores

Siri has been given an IQ boost and can actually do a lot more useful things to keep you up-to-date when you’re out and about. For those of you who are football fanatics you’ll be excited to know Siri can retrieve scores, and she’ll even check the latest league tables. Unfortunately it only works for top-flight football – so non-league fans might have to look elsewhere.

Siri: Local Search

Finally Apple has brought local search to the UK – it was introduced on the iPhone 4S but was only available in the US. You can now ask Siri for restaurants, cinemas and other places of interest and it’ll retrieve a list with links to the web and contact information.

Siri: Launch Apps

A simple ‘open’ followed by the name of the app will open any app for you from within Siri.

Safari: Full screen browsing

Surfing the web on the new iPhone 5 is a dream, but we can actually make it even better. If you want an even bigger web experience then tilt you phone to a landscape position and then tap the two arrows in the the bottom corner and it’ll remove the address bar and you’ll be greeted with a full-screen web experience.

Safari: iCloud tabs

If you use Apple’s Safari browser on the latest version of Mac OS X you can sync your tabs on your iDevice. Go to Settings >iCloud >Safari to enable the feature, then you’ll find iCloud tab in the Bookmarks section of Safari.

General Tricks: Tap to top

Surprisingly some iOS users didn’t know this, but you if you want to return to the top of any app, or website, simply tap the clock and it will scroll back to the top.

General Tips: Do not disturb

If sleep is important to you, you can now set you phone to Do Not Disturb mode – so you won’t be woken by emails, texts and calls. And there’s even a feature to select certain people who will be exempt which can be done by going to Setting > Notifications.

General Tips: Pick a song to wake up to

Instead of being woken up by Marimba, you can now select a song to be gently woken up to. Open the Clock app and select Alarm at the bottom, press the ‘+’ icon in the top right and you’ll see the option to pick a song from your iTunes library.

General Tips: Keyboard shortcuts synchronised

You can now create simple shortcuts for words or phrases you use most often. So for example if you write OMG it’ll replace it with Oh My God. Simply got to the keyboard section on Settings and enable the feature and then add the words or phrases you want. And now they’re synchronised through iCloud so you can have them on all your iDevices.


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