The Great Tech Traffic Jam

This month is going to be insane. We’ve already had a ridiculous amount of new smartphones, laptops, tablets and TVs from last weeks IFA. And while you might think that was enough there’s a tech traffic jam on the horizon which is sure to see load of great products lost in the scrum for coverage and traffic.

Today Nokia and Microsoft will unveil their handsets for Windows Phone 8, as well as that there is a Motorola event scheduled for today where the embattled smartphone maker will unveil two new high-profile handsets which are likely to join the Android army.

Tomorrow will probably be even more exciting as online shopping retailer Amazon is hosting a Kindle Fire 2 event where it’s thought they will unveil the successor to the Kindle Fire, and there’s even rumours they might show off a new Kindle Smartphone.

And so the traffic jam continues: Sony is reportedly hosting another Android-foucssed event next week, and in two weeks time, HTC will be holding a launch event for new handsets or maybe even a tablet. It doesn’t stop there though: in two weeks time Motorola will again host another event where it’s thought they will unveil there first Intel-based Android phone. Sound like a tech traffic jam? We think so.

Just to keep you on your toes; Apple will of course show off their iPhone 5 next Wednesday – which makes us wonder why would all their competitors want to go head-to-head with Apple when they could go before (like Microsoft, Nokia & Kindle) or go after when we’ve most of us would have fully recovered from our bout of Apple fan-boyism.

Obviously, launching a new device at the same as the iPhone is either really brave or really stupid – we think it’s probably the latter. But is trying to go a week before or a week after really much better?

There’s no doubt that these events take time and money to organise – but it doesn’t take a genius to know September is generally iPhone time – so why shoot yourself in the foot? In terms of consumer interest and media coverage there will be no way we can cover every handset in-depth the way we would want to. So naturally we will choose what we think you’ll what to know about, but that means some handsets aren’t going to get the coverage they probably deserve.

But don’t worry we’ll be on hand to try and cover every handset that is unveiled between now and the end of the year – so be prepared to see the same tech buzz-words time and time again until we’ve got you fully up-to-date. First up Windows Phone 8 handsets.

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