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Tinchy Stryder is known for his rap and music credentials, so with a keen ear for music it was no surprise that Tinchy has teamed up with Goji to develop a portfolio of audio products suitable for iPhones and laptops alike. With Goji currently offering a range of headphones and iPad cases for dynamic, style-conscious urbanites and Tinchy Stryder providing creative direction on the development of the new ‘Goji Tinchy Stryder: On Cloud 9’ product range, it is certainly a match made in the heavenly clouds.

We got a chance to test out the signature on ear headphones to see whether it they live up the current hype formed by the Dre Beats which hit the headphones market for it’s elite status…


Before we get inside the headphones, let’s take a look at the packaging. Call me superficial but I always judge a gadget by it packaging and the Tinchy Stryder headphone packaging does not disappoint. The packaging confidently shows us that we will be expecting a solid piece of kit inside as the packaging is smart and very sturdily built.

So let’s take a look inside shall we? These headphones are certainly very stylish. As they are much cheaper than its competitors, the headphones in no way look cheap and very similar to the Beats by Dre. The headphones are made from stylish glossy plastic and definitely built with quality and robustness in mind. The detail of the hinges which include Tinchy’s signature is a nice touch and helps to promote the brand whilst wearing these set of cans out and about.

Apart from the headphones, in terms of accessories it only comes with a carry pouch. No minijack, iPhone enables cable or clean cloth which some of its competitors offer. This is a little disappointing as it is always nice to have these additional accessories.

So how do they fair in terms of sound? The base is a little punchy compared to its peers as well as a few other minor hiccups, however I would like to stress that these are only minor and as we are comparing them to some of it’s more expensive rivals the Goji Headphones certainly hold their own in the marketplace.

The headphones are very comparatively priced with the in-ear headphones costing £39.99, the on-ear headphones ones costing £49.99, and the over-ear headphones costing £69.99. To put that into perspective, the equivalent Beats By Dre weigh in at £279.95 – an massive difference.


So in a nutshell I would say that maybe Tinchy has put his pricing slightly lower than what he should have as these are fantastic value for money with great quality sounds. However, I can’t help thinking that this was his primarily motive. He could have positioned himself at the top end but I get the feeling that he had the current consumer in mind. He is thinking mainstream rather than exclusive allow us poor paupers a chance to buy some good quality set of cans. Perfect for people who are pinching on the pennies but still wanting to enjoy the nicer things in life.

The range will be launched exclusively via Currys and PC World, the largest UK electricals retailers, giving a huge launch platform for the venture.

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  1. SSA Talent says:

    These headphone are amazing. Tinchy is smashing it right now!!


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