Gamescom 2012: Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

Gamescom is essentially Europe’s leading computer games show and kicks off today, we’ve already had a slew of interesting announcements and unveils with the biggest being a massive blowout of Call Of Duty Black Ops’ multiplayer mode.

Activision and Treyarch were on-hand to show off the multiplayer component of Black Ops 2 at a special event this morning at the German show. The main headlines are as follows: they’ve finally ditched the games’ famous kill streaks, COD currency has been removed and they have added an all-new e-sports focus.

Kill Streaks: now Score Streaks

Instead of Kill Streaks, you now have Score Streaks (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?) basically as you kill enemy players and perform ‘Scoring Events’ a new bar fills up in the bottom right-hand corner. When the meter fills up, you gain access to all manner of WMD’s to wreak havoc on your online foes. The system seems to take a lot of cues from Battlefield, where by players are rewarded for teamwork and not just killing noobs – hopefully this will change the entire makeup of the game and should make for a fairer, more enjoyable in-game rewards system.

Its been revealed that Black Ops 2 does not use COD Points, but instead you get one unlock token every time you level up. Custom loadouts have been changed and are now called Pick 10. It lets a player take 10 pieces of equipment from the game, including weapons, attachments, perks, grenades and other weapons into 10 slots.  There will be perks that allow you to bend the rules and assign two perks, or two main weapons.

E-sports: extreme sitting

It’s predicted by many that gaming one day will eventually become so important they will eventually replace real-life sports. We’re yet to be convinced, but Activsion and Treyarch are embracing this e-sports with Black Ops 2 multiplayer. There’s a new League Play system, whereby you’ll be matchmaking with people within your skills zone and should mean players of any ability will get something from the game. The more you win and rank up, the higher the league you’ll play – basically it’s FIFA’s matchmaking for COD.

Codcast: lights, camera, double-klll 

Alongside the new e-sport system is a Codcast, a multiplayer function that allows you to edit gameplay shots together, and then presumably share them online. Another exciting inclusion is Live Streaming, it allows players to stream their game from within the game itself with the press of a button. We were then shown a game being played via several iPads – meaning you’ll be able to watch matches from multiple devices.

It’s still in early beta, and more information will be unveiled nearer the October release, but it means COD is likely to be even more popular with gamers as they’ll finally be able share their wares with the rest of the community. There is little information on Live Streaming at present, but apparently you’ll be able to use a camera to show yourself in picture-in-picture mode.

New game modes: Hardpoint & Multi-team  

Treyarch unveiled a couple of brand new game modes: the first is a multi-team, a first for the series. It’s deathmatch split into teams with any combination of 18 players. The second mode is Hardpoint, which is an interesting take on King of The Hill – whereby a random area on the map needs to be taken by one of the multiple teams. Treyarch confirmed that classic modes including team deathmatch, domination and search & destroy will also return.

Four maps were unveiled today at Gamescom. First up, Aftermath takes place in 2025, after a devastating drone attack and will showcase COD’s level of destruction. Cargo, see’s shipping crates being moved around the map and obviously will give you an arena that is constantly changing. Turbine, is one of the largest maps on show so far and has a number of places where you can get to high ground to wage war on your opponents from above. And, the final map, Yemen, is a close quarters urban street fight in the streets of, you guessed it, Yemen.

Guns, Guns, Guns.

Call of Duty wouldn’t be where it is now without a gargantuan selections of weapons to wage war on your foes and in this COD the guns have been dramatically changed due to its future setting. You’ll get hi-tech scopes, vehicles and some clever items that will take camping to a whole new level. Notable new items include the Assault Shield, a metal riot shield that can be used as deployable cover, Shock Charges, that temporarily stun targets and the Millimeter Wave Scanner, that allows players to see stationary targets through walls.

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