iPhone 5: Price, Release Date, Specs and Rumours

We’ve been happily ignoring the rumour mill for the iPhone 5, as it’s the same old news regurgitated year-on-year and true to form the tech world has been participating in daily gossip on an unprecedented scale.

So rather than adding fuel to the fire, we thought we’d wait until a month before release before engaging in a spot of gossiping. Obviously everything you’ll read below is pure speculation, but as we get closer to the expected September 12 unveil date, information is beginning to solidify into actual fact. So with a pinch of the white stuff let’s get cracking.

Apple is famed for remaining tight-lipped when it comes to its products, but fortunately for us their secrecy doesn’t extend all the way to the far-east and that’s precisely where most of the rumours have originated from as FoxConn has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese.

September Unveiling

Over the course of the last 6 month there’s been a growing consensus that the new iPhone will be released between September and October – why you say? Well, Apple runs like clockwork and releases a new phone every 12 months – so it’s not rocket science to work out when the iPhone 5 will be released. The current consensus is Apple will reveal the new handset on September 12, as they’ve arranged a special keynote for that day.


Apple didn’t make any friends when they declared they wanted to completely re-design the sim card. And much to the competitions distaste it was approved by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute ETSI earlier this year, so it’s expect to make its debut in the iPhone 5. It is 40% smaller than the current micro sim present in the iPhone 4S, so should mean Apple can make the new handset thinner and lighter.

Steve’s Last Project

It’s was revealed in Steve Jobs’ biography, before he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, that he personally worked on the new iPhone 5 – if there’s going to be a definitive handset from the range of iPhone’s it is surely going to be the iPhone 5.

It will be an iPhone 5 (obviously)

A lot of Apple fans (and naysayers) were a bit disappointed with the last iPhone 4s – so we’d expect Apple to really push the boat out with the iPhone 5 and make some dramatical changes to the screen, processor and software. Anything less will be seen as a failure by many.


Like the new iPad, Apple is expected to continue to push 4G LTE (super-fast mobile broadband) with the new iPhone 5, although 4G has been kicked into touch until 2013 in the UK, It’s good to see Apple pushing new technologies before they become commonplace. As it stands we expect the iPhone 5 to be optimised for 4G networks worldwide.

4-inch Is The New 3.5-inch 

The biggest change expected for the new iPhone is, of course, the screen. The new Retina display is expected to be bumped up from 3.5-inch to 4-inch – while it’s not going to make a massive difference, it’s, again, good to see Apple willing listen to consumers who clearly want a bigger screen on their iPhone’s.

We’d be surprised if the resolution doesn’t benefit from a boost too. Reuters ran a story citing a source that claimed larger screens were being produced by three suppliers based in Korea and Japan.

Stronger, faster, thinner

In terms of raw power Apple is expected to make the jump to quad-core processor in a similar fashion to the Samsung’s S3 – Apple’s version is likely to be a variant of the same chip use by Samsung, although it will be re-branded as an A6. It might mean Apple needs to re-work their current battery tech as to make sure the extra power under the hood doesn’t compromise talk time and stand-by time.

16GB, 32GB and 64GB

There’s no suggestion that Apple is about rip-up its usual storage offerings; so you should expect 16,32 & 64GB flavours.

FaceTime HD

Traditionally iPhone users have had to be in range of a WiFi network if they wanted to use FaceTime, but with the addition of 4G support we may see FaceTime calls being made using our cellular networks.

Smaller connector port

The internet has been awash with leaked photos showing a smaller connector on the new device. If true this means the phone will no longer be compatible with existing accessories out of the box. Instead an adaptor will be required to use legacy docking chargers, speakers and other extras.


Siri was the main unique selling point for the iPhone 4S – but it’s far from perfect, it’s can’t search the web in the UK and struggles with our many accents. Apple has been closing down rogue Siri servers recently, which have been setup to get the mild-mannered assistant on older handsets via a jailbreak. We’d expect some new iPhone 5-only features for Siri when the new handset is finally unveiled next month.

iOS 6

Apple’s latest iPhone operating system was announced earlier this year at WWDC 2012. iOS 6 will deliver over 200 new features when it arrives for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. As such iOS 6’s inclusion on the new iPhone is a given.

What can we expect from these new brains? For starters; Facebook integration, a bespoke Apple Maps solution, the ability to share photos with Photo Stream, Passbook, and an updated version of the Safari internet browser will all supercharge the new iPhone, but there also some bad news – this week Apple announced that Youtube will no longer ship with the new iPhone.

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