Gaj-it Guide: How To (Almost) Get All of The New iOS 6 Features On Your iPhone Now

With iOS 6 a few months away we thought we’d do our level best to get you all the new functions found in the update: today – that’s right – you’ll could have almost all the features and functions found in iOS 6 today rather than waiting until Autumn. All you have to do is set sail to the App store and download these apps.

FaceTime Over 3G

Alternative App: Skype (Free)

There’s no real reason why FaceTime hasn’t been made available over 3G – admittedly it’s a bit ropey on our creaking 3G networks, but it does work. To this end Apple will be adding 3G Facetime with the iOS6 – but if you can’t wait until Autumn then we’d recommend you download Skype app which already has 3G functionality. Even better you’ll be able to video call any device whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC – whereas Facetime is restricted to Apple products only.

Apple Maps

Alternative App: TomTom (£57.99)

One interesting announcement from the unveiling of iOS6 was Apple’s confirmation that they are dumping Google Maps for an Apple-made version – expected in the new version are voice-controlled navigation, turn-by-turn navigation and 3D maps. Well, if you have deep pockets and are rather impatient you can opt for the TomTom app. Built by the leading satnav manufacturer the app comes with turn-by-turn navigation, traffic notifications and has offline mode, too. The only downside is the cost, but functionality-wise it is worth every penny.


Alternative App: Evi (£0.63)

If you bought an iPhone 4 then you probably weren’t eligible for an upgrade iPhone 4S – while 24 month contracts offer great savings on handsets, you’ll forever find yourself out of sync with the rest of the upgrading world. But fear not, if you would like Siri, but can’t afford an upgrade – then look no further than Evi. She’s Siri’s unofficial sister. With Evi your old iPhone will send texts for you, call contacts, search the web and find location-based information – all by the power of speech. Evi can do pretty much everything Siri offers, and makes a fantastic substitute while you wait for your lengthy upgrade.

Feature: Facebook Integration

Alternative App: Facebook Camera (Free)

Facebook is going to be baked into iOS 6 from the ground up meaning you’ll be able to share pics, web pages, locations and much more from the touch of a button. To give you a taster of what this new functionality will be like you can download the Facebook Camera app – it will allow you to share your pics instantly with your friends without having to open up the Facebook app. You can also share multiple photos at one and views your friends’ photos too.


Alternative Apps: British Airways / Virgin Trains / O2 Priority Tickets (Free)

Another welcome inclusion in iOS 6 Passbook – it’s basically an app that collates all you tickets, boarding cards, rail cards and loyalty cards into one handy app – if loads of brands get on board it could be the most important apps for any iOS user. When it becomes commonplace it will automatically update your phone with important info as it changes. If your gate changes for a flight the app will let you know. Well were not quite there yet, but you can make do with a selection of apps which can store digital passes individually. For example British Airways stores a QR code boarding pass for easy check-in when flying, and Virgin Trains and 02 Priority Tickets both have the function to store online tickets too. Neat!

Shared Photo Stream

Alternative App: Instagram (Free)

Another interesting addition for iOS 6 is Photo Sharing Stream – it alerts your friend when new photos are ready to view – it’s a not particularly groundbreaking but is a nice way to share photos within a group of friends. Download Instagram and you can join a photo sharing network with millions of other members, or if you prefer you can set preferences to only share with pals.

Syncing Reminders And Note

Alternative App: Evernote (Free)

While most of us use our iPhones to play Angry Birds on the way home from work, some people actually use them to do work. One important work-related update to iOS 6 is being able to synth reminder and notes to your iOS 6 iPhone. If you can’t wait for that then you might want to download Evernote. You can store reminders, notes, audio clips, web pages and images and then sync them to all your favourite devices.

So if you get all these apps you’re almost certainly one step ahead of the iOS game – and they should keep you busy until Apple finally gets round to releasing the software for the iPhone, iPod and iPad in Autumn 2012.


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