WWDC 2012: Apple Overhauls iOS 6 With Major Changes

Not only did Apple wow the tech-world with the world’s most technologically advanced laptop – the Cupertino company gave a in-depth showcase of the last version of their mobile operating system iOS 6. Though the software is available now as a beta – the final version will not ship until sometime this fall.

iOS 6: Facebook Integration

As many had predicted Facebook is being intergrated from the ground-up for iOS 6 – Apple promises “the best Facebook integration ever in a mobile device”. It’s basically the same Twitter functionality found in iOS5 but for Facebook. Apple has released the API so non-Apple apps should benefit from the new integration too.

iOS 6: Guided Access Child Safety

Those of you who have come home to find a slew of new app purchases after your child has been playing on your device will be pleased to know iOS has guided access. You will be able to disable certain buttons within the OS – so you can blank out those in-app purchase icons which seem to be on almost every kids-targeted app.

iOS 6: Google Maps Out, Apple Maps In

Apple did indeed dump Google Maps for their own version. It’s quite the looker and doubles-up as a sat-nav system with turn-by-turn navigation, which can also be controlled via Siri.

iOS 6: Passbook – The Ticket of The Future

Passbook is a new Apple e-ticket app, it enables you to carry a multitude of digital tickets, whether they’re train tickets, airplane boarding passes or even cinema tickets.

The tickets update via 3G or wirelessly – so, for example, if your gate changes at the Airport the app will automatically push the new gate to your phone. Hopefully enough firms will support this one to make it work for all our everyday ticket situations.

iOS 6: A New Phone App

For the first time in iOS history Apple has revised the phone app. They have added smart reminders, which allow you to ignore calls when you’re busy, and you can schedule callbacks if the line is busy. There’s a new do-not-disturb feature which is particularly welcome. When new messages arrive, they do so silently and without the screen lighting up. If you wish, you can also tell your iPhone not to silence calls from a list of favourite callers, or to automatically silent repeat calls from the same person.

iOS 6: FaceTime To Work Over 3G

This should have come along time ago – but finally you’ll be able to use Facetime over 3G.

iOS 6: New Safari App

Safari has had a new lick of paint: Instantpaper-style offlne reading is a new feature. They have also added iCloud tab synching and photo sharing website integration to make uploading less annoying on the go. Smart app banners ads will now notify you when you’re on a site that has iOS app version of the site.

iOS 6: Pull To Refresh On Mail

Finally iOS mail has pull to refresh – might not sound like much, but it’s this sort of uniformity we love on iOS. You can also tag email correspondents as VIPs and then they will appear on you home lock screen when they email you.

iOS 6: Siri Gets A Brain Transplant

Siri is being given a brain-transplant with someone who has a far higher IQ – she’ll be able to understant a far greater number of questions relating to sports, trivia, booking restaurants and finding out Cinema listings. There’s no confirmation, which, if any, of these new abilities will make it over to the UK, just yet.

Local search will be making an internation debut with iOS 6. Siri is also going to utilised in cars: the new Eyes Free feature will put a Siri button on the steering wheel of a host cars inclduding; Jaguars, Land Robers, BMWs, Mercs, Toyotas, Chryslers, Hondas, Audis and GM cars. The manufacturers have promised to support the feature in the next 12 months.

iOS 6: Siri On The New iPad

Siri is making her way to the iPad – unfortunately it’s only going to grace the all-new iPad.

iOS 6: Isn’t For Everyone.

iOS 6 supports iPhones from the 3GS onwards, the fourth generation iPod touch and the second and third generation iPad.

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