Sponsored Video: Samsung Galaxy III – A Day in the Life

The Samsung Galaxy is a dominant force in the Android smartphone market and the new S III could set the legacy of Galaxy series in stone. The S III, ask as the tagline goes, is ‘designed for humans’ and it takes its inspiration from nature.

Available in marble white or pebble blue its simple design and natural ergonomics combine with seamless features to create one of the most futuristic phones we’ve seen since the birth of the smartphone revolution. You may have seen the ad on the television where files are smoothly transferred between handsets, well there’s a more developed version of it which you can see below in which a creepily perfect family enjoy a summer day through the lens of their S II.

Cheesy as the advert is it highlights the impressive smoothness of the phone’s software. Samsung say their new piece of hardware evokes light, air and water and I’m inclined to agree. The clever little thing jumps from screen to screen and file to file with minimal effort. It is a truly fluid experience which goes with the flow of day to day life rather than brushing up against it like some poorly designed gadgets can do.

The video focuses on the impressive visual aspects of the handset such as its Super Amoled display featuring super-fast response time and true perfect colour, as well as the 8-megapixel camera-perfect for capturing and playing back the wonders of nature no matter how unpredictable they may be. If you’re keen to take a peek at the latest Samsung handset then scroll down and watch the video below. After all seeing is believing.

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