Delve Into the Past with Intel’s Project Monument

If you could make a shrine to your childhood what objects would you place up on a pedestal?

Intel are getting us all nostalgic this summer with their new ‘Project Monument.’ The project lets users delve into the past exploring the objects which shaped generations. Pokémon, ed Gameboys, symptoms tamagotchi and Nokia ‘bricks’ where some of the sacred objects that defined my youth. What about yours?

The interactive project by Intel lets users stack up the icons they remember fondly (just like in the example above.) But the objects available aren’t just tech based relics, in fact, Intel have created an extensive database of the fashion, TV, music, food, books and cars of the 80s, 90s and ‘naughties’.

Project Monument allows you to create your own little virtual museum. Using social networking you can share your totem pole of past with all your friends to a chorus of ‘I remember that!’ A special ‘I Remember’ button has even been crafted for the occasion, okay it’s not the ‘Dislike’ button that we all want but it’s still pretty cool.

In my own trip down memory lane I choose Mars Bars and Pop Tarts as my favourite childhood treats and reminisced over breakfasts before school. I laughed at the old phones and game consoles I was brought up on. I’d never have thought that I’d own something called an Xbox 360 and a HTC Desire- imagine how stupid their going to look decades down the line. The highlight of my own delve into the world of Project Monument was the classic 90s TV shows, ‘Queen’s Nose’ anyone? Rivalled only by ‘Bernard’s Watch’.

If you too were a 90s child you’ll be feeling all warm and fuzzy at the thought of all these icons. But if you’re more of an 80s child you’ll be thinking about the infamous space hoppers and Rubiks cubes. The beauty of this project though, in my opinion, is that we all have slightly different views of the past, we liked different toys and watched different shows to our friends and that’s what’s cool about sharing your monument and seeing what your friends come up with.

If you’re itching to get involved then watch the video below for more information. All you need to do to get going is follow the link on the video and the log into Facebook. Don’t want to use your Facebook account? Don’t worry, enter the year of your birth and away you go.

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