The New iPad: Ten Helpful Tricks And Tips For Your New iPad

Apple’s latest iPad went on sale on Friday and from the early reports it sold out in record time. Now that you’ve had a full weekend with the best tablet on the market we thought we’d collate every possible tip and trick we’ve ever come across to make your iPad experience the best it possibly can be.

Now, if Apple fan-boy you’ll have probably come across many of these before – but there will be some of you who are new to the world of Apple, the iPad and iOS – so bear with us. If you have anymore handy tricks and tips, then please share them in the comments section below.

Screen shots

The easiest tip every right-minded iPad owner should know about is: screenshot. Whether you want to share a picture, share a new high score on Angry Birds or an important chart with a client – screenshot is a must.

To take a screenshot Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (on the top of the iPad, on the right-hand side) and the Home button at the same time, then the screenshot will be added to your camera roll.

Typing tricks

Typing on the iPad can be fiddly, but with these handy tips and tricks we’ll make it a much more enjoyable experience. Sometimes you need to write in Caps. Well, you can by pressing the shift button. But repeating that for every letter is a pain. To write caps all the time is easy: make sure the Caps Lock functon is on in Settings> General> Keyboard, and then double-tap either shift button whenever you are typing to turn on Caps Lock.

If you’re writing important documents then you’re going to need access to punctuation. But annoyingly they’re placed on the second keyboard screen. Or are they? In fact, there are shortcuts to both on the main keyboard. Just tap and hold the exclamation mark to get an apostrophe and tap and hold the question mark for speech marks.

If you’re trying to type whist holding your iPad with two hands you’ll know it can be a difficult to master. Well, there’s a handy trick to split the keyboard in two. To do this all you need to be place two fingers near the centre of the keyboard and drag them apart. The keyboard will then split into two, smaller halves – one on each side of the screen – making it easier to hold the iPad in two hands and type with your thumbs.

Multi-touch gestures

You’ll probably know that the iPad brought touch screen controls to the masses, but did you know that the new iPad can so much more than swiping, tapping, pinching and zooming?

To use the new multi-touch gestures you need to enable them in the settings. To turn them on go to Settings> General> Multitasking Gestures. Then you’ll be able to use a multitude of multi-touch gestures specifically designed for the iPad.

If you swipe upwards with all four fingers you’ll reveal the multitasking bar, if you swipe it closes again. Swipe left or right with four fingers to switch between apps. Finally if you pinch four fingers together it will close the running app and return to the homescreen.

Parental controls

One of the biggest surprises with tablets is how child-friendly they are. Kids love iPad’s. But there are plenty of things you don’t want young prying eyes to see. You might not want them to have unrestricted access to the Internet or worse access to your credit card on the app store. All of those things and more can be set within the Settings> General> Restrictions menu. Once set, the Restrictions settings are pin-protected so that only you can change them.

Tap titlebar to return to top

One handy trick we use everyday on our iPad is the tap titlebar to go to the top of the screen. It’s works on the Internet and almost all apps and just makes it easier to get to the top of screen in one simple tap.

Conserving Battery

If you’re on a journey longer than 10 hours then there’s a real possibility of running out of juice. Well, with a couple of handy tricks you can eek out even more battery from your iPad.

First of all you should consider reducing the brightness of the screen (found in the Settings menu). You might want to consider turning off 3G or even going into Airplay mode, which turns off all wireless connectivity. If you do need to stay connected, try fetching data less frequently (see Settings: Mail, Contacts and Calendars).

Airplay mirroring

One of the most impressive functions of the iPad is Airplay Mirroring. This is the ability to output the iPad screen onto a TV. To get this function working you’ll need an iPad (obviously), Apple TV and a normal TV.

Open the iPad’s multitasking menu by swiping upwards with four fingers or double-tapping the home button, then swipe left. You’ll see a range of player controls and, if your iPad is on the same WiFi network as an Apple TV, you’ll see the AirPlay logo – a rectangle with a black triangle over the bottom edge. Tap that to mirror your screen.

Finding text on a page

Finding certain keywords or a phrases on a document can be a fiddly task. On a computer you can use CTRL+F to search an entire webpage or document. Well, you can do the same on the iPad. All you need to do is type the word or phrase you are looking for into the search box in the top and if it appears on the page then you will see an ‘On This Page’ section in the search results. Tap that to see the word highlighted on the page.

Fast app switching

Just open the iPad’s multitasking menu by swiping upwards with four fingers or double-tapping the home button. You’ll see all of your recently opened apps. Scroll right and you’ll see even more. Just tap the one you want to switch quickly.


If you need to copy text between, say, a document and an email, just tap and hold on the text you want to copy. The word you have tapped will be highlighted and you’ll see a bar with a blue circle on it at each end of the word. Drag these bars to select the text you want and then tap ‘copy’. Then go to the app you want to paste the text into, tap and then press paste and as if by magic the text will appear.

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