Microsoft Loses its Grip on Browser Market

Things have not been going well for Microsoft lately and a new report released by research firm Chitika is not going to make situation any better for Microsoft. The report shows that Microsoft’s traditional web browsing market is now facing tough competition from up and coming mobile computing. Between August 2011 and February 2012, tadalafil Windows web browser has seen 10 percent decline in its market share.

While the figure may seem startling, pharm but its implications are not so dire. Instead of actual decline in numbers, it seems like that the browsing market is expanding beyond traditional PCs. However, even in this case, Microsoft needs to up the ante and try to capture this emerging mobile web browsing market.

Earlier, Chitika had release another report which showed that even Mac OS is suffering the same fate as of Microsoft, as it is losing the web traffic to iOS web traffic. Another research firm Canalys has also released a report on the same lines. The report shows major trend change in computing field including smartphone shipment outstripping PC sales. It also showed that Apple is now the biggest PC vendor in the world, provided we count iPads as computers.

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