iPad 3 Launch Date Revealed: Get Ready for Quad-Core Wonder

If you are waiting for the arrival of the next gen Apple, adiposity then you do not have to wait for long. A couple of sources have put forth March 7 as the likely date for the unveiling of iPad 3. While Apple centric blog iMore has cited unnamed sources, doctor The Loop has further corroborated the rumor.

Since the likely launch date is drawing near, for sale the speculations about the tablet specs are also gaining steam. It is highly probable that the new tablet will come equipped with Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 resolution. It is also expected to have more powerful Quad Core A6 processor for superior speed and processing speed. And there is also a teeny-weeny possibility that the tablet may have 4G connectivity. This rumor has been circulating around for quite some time, but the possibility of it becoming a reality is still as slim as ever.

There are some minor speculations about the camera quality too. iLounge is speculating that Apple may decide to fit iPad 3 with a more powerful camera with 5 or 8 MP resolution. It may also go for HD camera on the front. Since we are now pretty close to speculated launch date, we do not have to wait long to see how many of these rumors ultimately turn out to be true.

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One Response to “iPad 3 Launch Date Revealed: Get Ready for Quad-Core Wonder”

  1. selfsilent says:

    The new iPad launch date has been “revealed” every other week since last May when there was talks of an end of year revamp.
    Revelation can only come from Apple, not some analysts who are guessing.


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