Apple Poised to Sell 40 Million iPhones in China

Apple is now focusing its attention on burgeoning Chinese markets and it seems like that the company is on its way to take the top spot in the emerging market. According to Morgan Stanley, generic Apple is likely to boost up its efforts in China in next year. It is expected to collaborate with major carriers such as China Mobile and China Telecom. This would ensure that Apple phones are available on all the three major carriers in China. With these new tie ups, Apple is looking to increase its sales volume to 40 million units.

Apple is currently offering iPhone in China through China Unicom, which is second largest telecom carrier in China. However, with this tie up, Apple can access only about 15 million “high end Chinese subscribers’. The country is estimated to have about 150 million such high end subscribers. China Mobile, which is the country’s largest carrier company, manages about 120 million such consumers. Remaining 15 million subscribers are with China Telecom, which holds the third spot in Chinese telecom market.

Morgan Stanley also believes that the next iPhone will come with 4G capabilities. While 4G is fast becoming the norm, Apple has so far shied away from adopting this technology. The new phone is likely to hit the Chinese market in late 2012 or early 2013.



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