European Union Draws Up New Plan for e-Waste Disposal

We love our shiny new tech toys, discount but how about the old ones? Electronic gadget disposal is fast becoming a big environmental issue and now European Union has decided to tame the beast. According to a new plan recently approved by European Union, order electronics retailers are now under legal obligation to accept electronic waste for proper disposal. The retailers are not allowed to make any charges for providing this service. The new provision is only applicable to retailers with 400 square meters or larger space.

The new rule is meant to be implemented over the period of next seven years and hence you may not be able to use this facility anytime soon. The new regulation also requires the member states to collect 4Kg of per capita e-waste every year. By 2016, the threshold limit would be raised to 45 tonnes of e-waste for every 100 tonnes of electronic gadgets issued to the market in previous three years.

Though, the new rules have largely been welcomed, but there are certain voices of dissent as well. Computer Aid International, a UK IT charity organization, has clearly expressed its disappointment. The charity organization said, “Of course Computer Aid wholeheartedly welcomes the additions to the directive, having higher recycling collection targets and tighter border controls on e-waste exports will help to reduce the amount of electronic equipment either being sent to landfill or being illegally exported to developing countries.”

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