CES 2012 Round-up: Sony, Microsoft and LG

CES is underway and we’ve collated the best of the best of what’s has been shown off in the first day of the technology marathon. We’ll be giving you first hand details on what Sony, Microsoft and LG has to offer in 2012 and beyond.


Everyone, including us, thought that Sony would take to the stage at CES 2012 to unveil the new Sony Xperia Arc HD. Well, Sony did take to the stage, but unveiled the Xperia S.

Now, those of you will notice that Sony has dropped the Ericsson tagline. The phone is impossibly pretty with sleek design lines and even comes with a whopping 12-megapixel camera.

Sony have managed to cram in its Exmore R technology, which boasts a fast capture speeds of just 1.5 seconds meaning you’ll never miss the picture you want to take.

Specs-wise the phone is very impressive, with a 4.3-inch Retina Display that’s offers amazing colours, brightness and clarity thanks to the 1280×720 resolution.

Sony has given the phone a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor meaning it will be substantially faster than the current Xperia Arc, which has a single processor.

Other features of note include a HDMI port, NFC and there’s also Bravia Sync on board and the phone is PlayStation certified. The only downside for this handset is that it comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but, Sony said that Ice Cream Sandwich will be on its way in the second half of 2012.

The Sony Xperia S UK release date has been set for March 2012, pricing is currently unavailable.


Microsoft took to the stage for the last time at CES to talk about their Windows eco-system, the rather dull keynote did not include anything about the new Xbox, but did confirm when Kinect would be coming to Windows.

From next month, Windows users will be able to control their PC’s and laptops by the motion controller Kinect.

We weren’t show anything with regards to applications, UI, or anything like that. But, we did get a list of companies that have already begun to design apps for business solutions.

2012 is the last time Microsoft that will make Keynote speeches at CES, some thought they’d go out with a bang, where in actual fact they went out with a bit of damp squib.

CEO Steve Ballmer took to the stage to reiterate the company’s focus on Windows and the Metro design for the next year, which pours water on the rumours that the new Xbox will land at E3 2012.

On Metro, Frank X. Shaw, head of corporate communications at Microsoft said: “As you can see across our devices (and through our booth for those here at the show), Metro delivers a beautiful, natural visual experience. People already love it on Windows Phone and Xbox, and soon Metro will come to Windows 8 PCs and tablets, too.”

And on Windows 8, Microsoft had a clear message – buying a PC now won’t cause you a problem with the new OS. “Every Windows 7 PC ever made will be ready for Windows 8 on day one,” promised Ballmer. More than 500 million Windows 7 licenses have been sold – one every 7 seconds.

There was also a demonstration of the Windows Store which, like the Mac App Store, will bring downloadable apps to Windows. Microsoft announced it will launch at the end of February.

Ballmer also talked up the recent purchase of Skype. “Skype’s amazing. 200 million people who used over 300 billion minutes last year. 50 per cent were video calls”

Ballmer, did have some surprises up his sleeve and showed off the new Windows Phone from HTC, the Titan 2. It’s coming to AT&T and is sporting some incredible specs.

First of all, the Titan comes with a eye-watering 16-megapixel camera, with a wide angel lens and LED flash. Other than the camera the phone comes with 4.7-inch Super LCD screen, single core processor and 720p video recording.


LG has made quite a splash at CES and we’re only on day one. Their new flagship, all be it, prototype OLED has stolen the show so far. According to LG the EM9600 is the world’s largest OLED ever made, with a minimal bezel and fantastic picture.

The first thing you’ll notice is it’s mind-blowingly thin: 4mm thick. It’s also a 3D enabled, LG reckons it will be on sale in the second half of 2012.

There’s no details on price, but, if you start saving now you’ll probably still be a fair way off being able to afford this stunning TV.

Size matters, according LG, and this true of some the other panels LG showed off. They unveiled of the world’s largest Ultra Definition 3D TV, which has a 4K resolution of 3840×2160, a whopping 4-times as many pixels as you’d get in a normal 1080p screen. It’s also 81-inches. Wow.

You can also tinker about with the 3D depth as you watch and play on the set, while 3D Sound Zooming takes care of the tri-dimensional audio layout – the UD TV is heading to market in the second half of 2012 as well.

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