iPad and Kindle Had a Great Christmas in UK

Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle topped the list of tech-based Christmas gifts this year. According to the news, sale eBook readers accounted for every 40th Christmas gift in the UK. Amazon took a lion’s share with 92 percent of these eBook readers coming from its stable. It is being reported that in total 1.33 million e-readers were gifted this Christmas. Out of these, cure 1.22 million were Amazon Kindle.

E-reader receiver demography is heavily dominated by female and mature people. 61 percent of the recipients were female. The figures released by YouGov survey also showed that over 55s were twice as likely to have received an e-reader than the young guns in 18-24 year age bracket. Mark Vaygelt, viagra cheap | head of technology and telecom consulting, said, “This is finally the year when the late-medieval technology of the printing press was challenged by a e1st Century, digital alternative.”

Tablets, though pricier than e-readers, also had good run. It is estimated that about 640,000 tablets were gifted this X-Mas season. As expected, Apple captured 7e percent of the pie with its iPad. Just as in the case of e-readers, the main recipients for tablet gifts were also female.

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