Sony PlayStation Vita Launched in Japan: Pre-Orders Sell Out

Sony PlayStation Vita is up for grabs in Japan and as expected, viagra the gaming console’s pre-orders sold out within a short period of time. Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, said: “I’m pretty confident… that there will not be major challenges in meeting demand, even though there may be short-term.” We hope that the company’s optimistic projections prove to be correct as Sony is looking to announce its fourth consecutive annual loss.

Sony also launched a digital user manual for the console. The manual provides details about user accounts, tech specs and trophies. While the console would not be available in the European markets until next year, you can go ahead and devour the digital manual as it is available in English as well. The company has limited each console to one account, so the memory cards used are not exchangeable. If you want to use your console for a different account, you will need to erase all of your details and bring the console back to factory settings. This feature is expected to be one of the main downsides for a otherwise great console.

Contrary to expectations, the console does not support 1080p HD playback, so you can play your videos in a standard resolution. However, the console is able to support 18 languages and offer customizable dictionary and predictive typing.

PlayStation Vita is expected to hit European and US markets in February next year.

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  1. Is it just me or has it been very quiet around the release of the PS VITA?
    This is a definite buy for me though


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