Is Microsoft Planning to Buy Nokia Smartphone Business

Nokia has recently introduced a series of new phones which have received mainly positive reviews, but the outlook for the company is still bleak. In the meantime, Microsoft and Nokia are going ahead with their collaboration and now, it is being rumored that the Redmond company may actually be planning to buy the smartphone division of Nokia. If true, this step may prove to be a game changer in the mobile phone industry. Smartphone industry leader Google is already going ahead with its Motorola Mobility purchase, which will see Google own both smartphone software and hardware businesses.

According to Bloomberg, Nokia insists that it is not selling its smartphone business. Doug Dawson, Nokia spokesperson, said: “We put these rumors to rest a long time ago.” Nokia recently launched two Windows Phone handsets under Lumia name which are trying to re-invigorate  Nokia’s with some massive marketing campaigns.

Recently Nokia officials claimed that Apple is losing favor among the younger generation claiming that iPhone is not fashionable enough for the younger generation. The company also said that Android is too complicated and that the OS does not provide adequate security to its users.

Nokia is consistently losing ground in Europe and USA, while it is doing well in lower price phone markets such as Africa and Asia.

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