Move Into Other Worlds With Playstation Move

It’s been well over a year since the Playstation Move was released and it had seemed that it was all but forgotten. But in the build-up to Christmas Sony are keen to push the motion controlling device back into the public consciousness.

I’m no video-game expert but it’s fair to say that some people are put off by the misconception that motion gaming is a gimmick which is dominated by lame yoga and dance games. The first step to combat that problem is GoldenEye Reloaded. You must have seen the adverts on television? One of the greatest games of all time remodelled especially for the PS Move. What could be cooler than imagining that your PS Move baton is a rocket launcher and blowing the living hell out of a helicopter with it? If James Bond isn’t up your street or your still not convinced by Move then Sony have the perfect advertisement campaign for you.

In order to express the immersive quality of the Move Sony have created bizarre (but very fun) interactive video which shows four different people stuck in a weird PlayStation world fighting the standard video game enemies-  apes and evil chefs. Your job is to choose which weapon to transform your all-mighty PS Move device into. You then get to see the result of your choice which is often hilarious. It’s an effective advert, cheap you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to be in the mad Playstation world yourself swinging the Move around like a magic wand. But don’t worry if you do fall for the advert, the Move comes with a wrist strap…

We’ve embedded the video below for you pleasure. Have a look and let us know what ‘weapons’ you choose!

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