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We all know that Christmas is just around the corner.  Almost a week away to be more exact!  Apart from partying, eating lots of Turkey and spending time with the family. There will be no doubt that if you’re a gaming fan then Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t have a few rounds on your Xbox 360 or PS3.

Well, if you’re looking to boast about your latest gameplay to all you gaming friends then you might want to invest or get one of your loved ones to buy you Roxio Game Capture to capture all those gaming moments.  Roxio Game Capture includes everything you need to capture your Xbox 360 and PS3 gameplay in realtime while playing in HD. Then easily edit your footage, to keep just the action you want, and share on YouTube and other sharing sites – direct from your PC. Roxio Game Capture is an all-in-one product, including Roxio video-editing software, and a powerful Roxio capture device.

Fortunately for us we managed to get hold of one to review to let all you gaming fans know whether it is one to invest or something which is better left on shop shelves.


Set Up: 3/5

Let’s not beat around the bush, there’s a bit of a split in the gaming community when it comes to this device. Some praise it for its extremely easy set-up whilst others are so frustrated by it that they send it back to the shop. The two main complaints are poor video quality and the PC software making laptops crash. When it comes to video quality it seems that many people struggle to find the correct settings to suit their gaming set-up. This is, for some users, a major flaw in the product. Actually hooking up the wires is very easy, as is installing the software which took a few minutes for and worked first time with no signs of lagging or crashing. The problem is altering the display settings on Xbox/PS3 system and televisions. Ultimately if you have a good quality (preferably HD) TV and you know your composites from your SCARTS and your PALS from your HD then you should be fine. If you’re not so knowledgeable when it comes to picture quality then stay away. This device is designed for serious gamers. The reason it scores low is on set-up is that it is marketed as something gloriously easy to install which is not always the case. The instructions aren’t terrible but neither are they the most illuminating in the  world.

Value for Money: 3/5

The price of the Xbox/PS3 capture device tends to be around the £65-75 region. If you’re serious about capturing your gaming, whether you’re simply a nerd that likes to show off or your headshots or a blogger/reviewer then you’re going to get a lot of use out of the device for under £100 which is quite a reasonable price. Another popular capture device is Dazzle which is slightly more expensive at around £90-£95. So in context £65 is good value for money. If you’re paid for your footage you’ll get the money back in a few reviews time. You can go down the DIY route but this is notoriously difficult and will probably involve ordering a tonne of cables and spending hours digging around forums. One minus for Roxio’s device is that some users may need to buy a composite cable to use the capture function and  this isn’t included.

Features and Design: 5/5

The quality of the box is fantastic. It’s light, strong and actually looks pretty cool. It’s not going to look ugly stacked up next to your game console. The wires on the other hand may, but they are unavoidable and with some careful planning you could set the box up nicely with the wires tucked out of sight. You will of course have to find somewhere for your laptop/computer to sit as you will have the device hooked up to your computer via USB. What’s more, the wires are gold-plated which is a nice touch for a cheap(ish) device. The software ran great for me, even on my bog-standard Windows 7 laptop. There’s enough editing software to suit any capture needs and it is very easy to use. One word of warning though -memory- make sure you have enough to save the files you plan to save.

Gaj-it Verdict: 4/5

A good device but it requires a top-end TV and reasonable knowledge of gaming to truly shine. Some users will find it frustrating and  it may not be quite good enough for professional game reviews/bloggers who need super-high end capture quality.

Roxio Game Capture

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