Apple to Offer Its TV in Three Different Sizes

Apple is said to be working on a new TV venture and lately there has been a deluge of rumors about it. The latest wave of rumors is about the TV size. According to SmartHouse, there Apple is reportedly planning to offer its TV set in three different sizes. The entry level size is expected to be 33 inches, while the biggest size would be 55 inches. If these sizes do not suit you then you may decide to go for the third option, which would be placed somewhere between these two extremes. The exact size of the third TV has not been disclosed.

Apple seems to be serious about this project as it has not released any update for Apple TV box, which it had introduced in 2010. It is also being reported that Apple is collaborating with a major Japanese company for manufacturing the TV hardware. The TV is also expected to make extensive use of SIRI technology, which had recently been introduced on iPhone 4S. Siri is widely held to be the main USP for iPhone 4S, so a television equipped with this technology is bound to be a big hit.

While the project has not been confirmed by Apple, but there are plenty of rumors around about the possible arrival date. Some speculations point to mid-2012 release, while others are leaning towards late 2012 or early 2013 release. The TV is likely to come with a faster and more powerful A6 processor.

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  1. ScaredyCat says:

    Apple going to offer their tv in 3 sizes…

    “Wow that’s expensive”, “Holy crap” and “Am I buying a tv or a tv station?”


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