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It’s hard doing a review of a pair of earphones which cost over £100 when the Eurozone is in meltdown. But I’ll try, overnight ed and the best way to convince you to take the plunge and invest in high quality earphones is to discuss the multitude of problems with cheap, plastic earphones that we all deny, though we know perfectly well they exist. I’m talking about the fact they fall apart- the foam falls off the buds and the wire gets frayed. I’m talking about not being able to hear the uber-quiet bits of a song like the band chatting in the background. I’m talking about missed frequencies and crackly, metallic tones. I’m talking about people looking at you funny because your jazz compilation is spilling out of your ears and into the quiet midday bus.

Have I made my point?

So let’s look at the alternative, Atomic Floyd’s new flagship product the ‘SuperDarts.’

Build quality & features:  5/5

Atomic Flyod use only the best materials to build their SuperDarts. We’re talking high-end stuff here titanium, steel, Kevlar and gold as opposed to plastic, plastic, plastic. Is Gold and Kevlar just sheer extravagance? Well I see that the components sound like the make-up of a tank more than earbuds, but titanium is so strong it takes its name from the Greek Titans. This means the Darts are tough and solid, you can literally feel the quality in them. As for the gold anyone who has vague knowledge of sound engineering will know why that’s there.

The eartips are made from SoftSeal silicone. They fit like a glove and ensure 2-way noise isolation to block out any annoying background noise which is very relaxing when you want to zone-out from the hustle and bustle.

As for features, the Darts come with a remote which provides full control of playback and volume, as well as seamless switching between music and chat (they have full iPhone and iPad compatibility).

It doesn’t stop there either, the cable is anti-tangle and the plug is armored and goldplated. Now you get an idea of how good the build-quality is.

The style: 4/5

I think you can tell this from the huge section of text above, but the company aren’t interested in how fashionable their buds are, they’re interested in supplying the very best quality possible.

“We don’t want anyone wearing a pair of Floyds because a celebrity has endorsed them” they say. That’s all well and good, but if you have earphones dangling from your head in public, you don’t want them to look ugly do you? Fortunately these guys are stylish, minimalist and come in a range of colours.

The sound quality: 5/5

This may seem like a get out clause, but it really is difficult to put sound into words. I can say crisp, smooth, pure, intense, and absorbing which all describe the beautiful sound quality of the Darts, but you really have to hear to believe. They are sold in Apple stores, so why not pop in and ask for a demo.

Gaj-it verdict: 5/5

Stylish earphones unrivaled in quality, for people who want only the best from their music.

Available at and Apple Stores for £199.00

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