Xmas Gift Idea for Music Geeks: Pocket Boom Vibration Speaker

Here we go again it’s Christmas shopping time and from now until Christmas Eve we will be running around gathering gifts for our loved and not-so-loved ones. Some of us are great at shopping and will manage to find a unique and special gift perfectly tailored for its receiver but the vast majority of us will be wrapping up the ubiquitous bottles of whiskey and pairs of festive socks.

Here in the tech world the number one lazy gift is speakers. I mean, you can’t go wrong really, if you buy someone a pair of speakers they will ‘get used’, but why settle for a pair of boring second rate portable speakers or a supermarket-standard iPod dock when there’s some epic music lover’s toys out there!

The Pocket Boom Portable Vibration speaker is one of them. So what’s so great about it? Check out our review and find out.

Portability: 5/5

At last a company who truly understands portable. This speaker is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be taken and used literally anywhere. It’s a magical, sticky, battery powered pad that you attach to anything you please and turn said object into an epic booming speaker. And I mean anything.  Your office desk, a teacup at home, your car door when you’re on the move, a lamppost when your outside. The pad will turn almost anything into a speaker.

Features: 3/5

The 3.5mm jack allows it to connect to almost any media device you can find. There’s not much else than the speaker and the jack. Controls are, basic. You can turn the thing on and off but the volume controls are limited and there’s no equalisers are anything like that, but come on this isn’t a studio monitor it’s a potable speaker designed with portability in mind. One neat little bonus feature is its ability to charge via USB whilst you’re running from home/office which helps to save battery life.

Quality: 4/5

You would expect a pocket size, battery powered speaker to be very flimsy but this thing is rugged. It could certainly cope with a festival or two. One issue is the sticky pad which will lose its sticky at some point but a replacement pad is supplied so, not major issue by any means unless you plan to  give the thing an insane hammering. Sound wise it’s what you would expect, it amplifies the volume of your media device without tainting the quality too much but certainly not improving it a great deal.

Gaj-it verdict: 5/5

It’s a great Christmas gift for audiophiles and at a smidgen under £19.99 it’s great value.  Don’t expect to plug this thing onto an empty plastic cup and host a rave but if you like to give you day soundtrack and you hate the muted, tiny sound of cheap earphones and in-built mobile speakers then this little piece of kit will liberate your music.

The Pocket Boom is available from the 1st of December at mobilefun.co.uk

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