Edifier Tick Tock Dock Review: Wake Up Happy

If you start your day wrong, it’s all downhill from there. But life’s too short to have bad days! Despite its importance the humble alarm clock is a neglected household item. Most of us will either use our mobile phones and one of their horrendous, soul scrunching ringtones or we will use one of them little black travel alarm clocks from the catalogue which are fine until they run out of battery or go metal and start to go off at their own desire.


Waking up to a favorite song is a pleasant way to awake. However, the chosen song eventually loses all its attractiveness when it becomes fused with the thought of cold mornings and work. But thankfully the charmingly named Tick Tock Dock is an alarm clock which has it all. The iPhone/iPod dock come alarm clock allows you to wake up to your favorite songs in beautiful quality and with enough volume to actually wake you and when you begin to feel a murderous rage as soon as you hear the songs from your playlist you can switch the dock to its FM radio mode and let somebody else choose which tune to begin your day.

But iPod docks aren’t new and neither are radio alarm clocks, but this is a useful hybrid which can wake you up with music and keep the grooves going throughout the day. With iPod and iPhone connectivity plus the FM radio (24 stations) and an auxiliary input for even more audio connectivity this is a versatile gadget, but it’s a shame there’s no DAB and on the whole it brings nothing new to the table.

Sound Quality: 4/5

Two 360° degree omni-directional full range speakers allow for rich, multi-directional sound that can be easily controlled using a docked iPod/iPhone. For an alarm clock the sound quality is exceptional and is one of the main pluses of this gadget, but it’s now boom box so don’t expect it to jump from the bedside to the party. But if you want to listen to your playlist while you relax in your bedroom and you want more than earphones can offer than this will more than do.

Style: 5/5

Looks wise, this is a gadget that delivers. The vintage alarm clock shape (as you can see in the above photo) works as a great frame for any shiny little iPod/iPhone and it won’t look out of place on any bedside cabinet no matter how fashion conscious the resident is. It’s classic looking, but modern and what’s more, it comes in a range of colours: black, silver, and beige

Gaj-it Verdict:  4/5

A classic Christmas or Birthday gift. There’s a million and one of these types of gadgets out there and this one brings absolutely nothing new to the market. What it relies on is quality. Every aspect of it has been well designed and well-constructed. If there is someone out there who owns an iPod and still hasn’t got a dock (or has recently broken one) then look no further.)

The Tick Tock Clock  is available at Amazon for £59.99

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