Is iOS 5 Bug Causing Battery Problem in iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S has tons of features, medic but its fast draining battery has become a cause of concern. Apple has deployed its engineers for finding the root cause of this problem, cialis pills however, they yet have to pinpoint the reason. In the meantime, rumors about the possible reasons are rife. According to iDownloadBlog, the battery problem is mainly due to a bug in Time zone setting feature. It claimed that once you adjust the time zone settings on your phone, the problem will be solved.

Earlier, it was being speculated whether the fast draining battery is a software problem or a hardware issue. But now it looks like the new iOS has a bug or two, which are responsible for the poor performance of the battery. Apparently, it is the way iOS 5 uses the GPS function of the phone, causing the battery to give up.

The blog has suggested that you should turn off the automatic time zone setting on your phone. However, keep in mind, that the this diagnose is not official, but if you really want to try it out, then you just have to press the Setting tab, then General tab, Date and Time and when you reach ‘set automatically’ button, then just toggle it to off. There are some reports claiming that the trick works, but at the very same time there are detractors claiming otherwise. But hey, it won’t cost you anything to give it a try, so what’s the harm? Or otherwise, you might want to wait until Apple comes up with the official explanation for the problem.

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2 Responses to “Is iOS 5 Bug Causing Battery Problem in iPhone 4S?”

  1. Mohd Akbar says:

    I’m still using the Iphone 3GS and that I have not observed any problems with battery life time after upgrading to IOS 5.

  2. selfsilent says:

    You really don’t like Apple do you Anra.

    Well, the joy of Apple is that this was sorted within a week because that’s how Apple updates work. Compare that to Android updates.


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