Apple 4S Owners Complain about the Battery: Apple Engineers Get in Action

Apple is known for its flawless products. However, health at times, symptoms even Apple products fall victim to unintended shortcomings. iPhone 4 caused Antennagate, anesthetist and the new iPhone 4S has its own set of issues. Many iPhone 4S users are complaining about noticeably short battery life of the phone. Apple, on its end, is doing its best to overcome the issue as its engineers are now contacting the affected customers for getting to the root of the problem.

The issue is particularly incriminating as Tim Cook, Apple CEO, had promised longer battery life at the launch of the new phone. Though, the new phone really does have a stronger battery than its predecessor, but still the more juiced up battery is not strong enough to power hungrier A5 processor and still provide longer talk time. Something’s gotta give!

The Guardian has reported that Apple engineers are now talking with the phone owners, who have been advised to turn off iCloud service for increasing the battery life. Another tip for increasing the battery juice is to go easy on Notification center. However, these are among the distinctive features of the new phone, so there is no point asking users to turn them off.

This batterygate may prove to be a test for the new CEO. It would be interesting to see how eloquently he handles this issue and whether he would be as capable as his predecessor was in handling the antenna problem.

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