Google Opens Chromestore in London

There is nothing Apple can do and Google can’t , pill and to prove this Google has now entered the UK retail segment too. The internet search giant has just set up its physical Apple-sque store in London, which would be known as Chrome Zone. The store is located at London’s Tottenham Court Road and resides inside a branch of Currys/PC World.

The main idea behind the opening of the store is to increase awareness about various Google products especially its Chromebook. According to the company blog, “Many things in life, like football and rock music, are best experienced in person. Chromebooks are no exception.”

GOogle is producing Chromebook in collaboration with Samsung and the ultrabook runs on Google’s home grown operating System, Chrome. The laptop is mainly cloud based and the data is stored on Google’s cloud system. Currently the store sells only Samsung Chromebook as the other Chromebook with Acer has not yet been released in teh UK.

At 285 sq. feet, the Chromestore is not quite Apple Store, however, it is quite good for a dry run. The company is planning to draw its future store expansion strategy based on the performance of these beta stores. This store is expected to remain operational until December, when its performance will be vetted. According to CNET, Google is also planning to open one more store on October 7, while a few more will be unveiled over the course of next few months.

The company is already running such stores in the US, however, it did not specify whether the company would be expanding its retail venture into other countries as well.

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  1. selfsilent says:

    “There is nothing Apple can do and Google can’t”

    Doing and doing successfully are 2 different things.

    Name 1 thing that Google and Apple both do that Google does better.


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