Gaj-it’s Top 8 Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome on the face of it is a simple looking and even simpler to use web browser – but if you hop over to the Chrome Store you can download a wealth of extensions.

Extension are like add-ons; little pieces of software to help you organise, share and in general make your surfing time more fun and quite often more productive.

Well, we’ve trawled the Chrome store to fine the best of the best. If you have any suggestions please do add them to the comments section.

Tweetmeme’s re-tweet buttons can found on over 175,000 websites and are seen by an estimated half a billion people every day. But it’s annoying when a cool site doesn’t have that lovely green button.

Well, if you download the Tweetmeme Chrome extension you can take a mini tweetmeme re-tweet button with you wherever you travel around the big World Wide Web.

The button provides live tweet counts for millions of URLs across the web, right in your Chrome toolbar. You can easily tweet any page in just a few clicks, with the capability of editing the tweet before it’s sent.

Panic Button

Have you ever been looking at a website you weren’t meant to at home or at work? Of course you have. Some of us just can’t help checking Twitter, Facebook or Youtube for bit a rest-bite from the daily grind of work.

Well, let us introduce you to Panic Button. With a click of the button you can hide all of those naughty tabs meaning you won’t get caught out by the boss, or worse, mum and dad when they are spying over your shoulder.

Another click on the PanicButton restores all of the tabs you have hidden earlier. You can also make use the handy PanicButton’s keyboard shortcut. Just press F4 to hide and restore all your tabs.

RSS Subscription Extension

One feature lacking in Google Chrome is a built-in feed reader, RSS Subscription Extension looks to rectify this glaring omission. Whenever you land on a page that contains a RSS or Atom feed you will be greated with a orange RSS icon appears in the address bar. This will then add it to your Google Reader.

Official Facebook Extention

The official Facebook Chrome Extension is the perfect way to keep up to date with your Facebook. It shows you your alerts and notifications in a snazzy drop down box.

So, instead of leaving a browser window logged into the site all the time, Facebook users can now rely on this Extension to alert them when anything is happening.

This Chrome Extension alerts users when someone comments on their wall or posts, invites them to local events, posts to group pages, sends a friend request and sends a new personal message.


Shareaholic is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to share.  You’ll find every bookmarking/blogging/note taking extension integrated into this one sleek and fast mega extension. You can share stuff to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Evernote, Delicious, Instapaper, Digg and even blog it, all from one simple all-in-one browser extension and it won’t slow down your browser either. What else? It will automatically short the URLs for you using your very own account and you can also use the keybaord shortcuts with it too.

Awesome screenshot

For most people who want to take a screen shot and do some quick annotation they have to press the screen shot button, open paint and annotate the picture.

Or even more annoying CMD + Shift + 3  for apple users, and then use a photoshop app to make some notes. It’s all rather clunky and annoying.

Awesome Screenshot is an extension that does what it says.  You can capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, even blur the sensitive info (which you should be doing), and then last but not least the very awesome feature of one-click upload to share.

AdBlock Plus

Do you get annoyed with pesky ads? You know the ones that just pop out of nowhere and annoy you. Well, fear not as you can now get the AdBlock Plus. It’s seen as the devil dressed in software by advertisers, but the software which has made the jump from Firefox will block banners, popups and layer advertisements as well as disable ads on Youtube.  With over 100 million downloads to boast about it is the go-to extension for all your advertising woes.



Stayfocused pretty much does what it says. Makes you focus. If you’re easily distracted by the fruits of the internet – you might want to try your hand at Stayfocues as it comes to the rescue with a nagging ‘Shouldn’t you be working? prod.  It does this by  timing you out of sites you get to block yourself.

Were you determined to stay on Facebook for 10 minutes only? The add-on will force you to do this and websites cannot be unblocked until the Daily Reset Time has passed.

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