Microsoft Fails to meet Kinect Sales Target in Japan: Still Goes Strong in Gaming Segment

Kinect is considered to be one of the more successful offerings that have come out of the House of Microsoft lately. The gaming innovation has widely been hailed as groundbreaking and has proved to be a cash cow for the parent company. However, pills it has failed to make its mark in the land of rising sun, Japan. According to some reports, the motion control accessory fell short of its sales projections and does not seem to have much brand recognition in Japan.

The company’s Japan chief for Xbox admitted that Kinect revenue numbers “haven’t met our initial expectations in Japan.” However, he also expressed hope that the numbers will pick up soon as “We have received good reviews from the people who have used it”. Microsoft recently announced Xbox support on Windows 8. Some reports had suggested that the accessory had problems identifying movements in smaller Japanese homes, as the technology was built keeping in mind relatively bigger US houses.

However, it does not mean that Microsoft is not doing well in gaming segment. In fact, the company has almost surpassed gaming giants like Nintendo and PlayStation. Xbox has been steadily gaining the fan following over the years. Microsoft claims that its console surpassed Wii and PlayStation sales in 14 out of the previous 15 months. Though, Xbox is likely to feel the heat of competition as Sony recently slashed the sticker price of its PlayStation e. So far, Microsoft has bucked the trend followed by other companies. Microsoft has not gone down the handheld route and this shows the conviction Microsoft has about Xbox.

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